Donald O’Hollearn died April 2. There was a funeral Mass at St. Ignatius Church and graveside service with military honors at Willamette National Cemetery.

Mr. O’Hollearn was born April 28, 1936, in New Hampton, Iowa. He was the oldest child born into a hardworking, proud Irish Catholic family, consisting of his father, Joseph; mother, Agnes (Morris); four brothers, Charles, Robert, Michael and Brian; and sister, Janet.

Mr. O’Hollearn loved growing up on the farm, but his feet and curiosity led him into the U.S. Army, where he was a medic for two years in Germany. In the service, he loaned money to those not quite so wise at a “reasonable” rate. This allowed him to travel Europe and to Ireland. There, in a coffee shop in Dublin, an Irish lassie named Patricia caught his eye. Shortly after Don returned home, he sent her a ring in the mail. She said yes and traveled to Lawler, Iowa, on her own to be married.

One by one and working together, the O’Hollearns brought the Deegan clan to America.

In 1980, Patsy O’Hollearn died.

Most of his career years were in sales and insurance.

Over the last 25 years, he and Judi Van Cleave found love and Mr. O’Hollearn added her seven children to the family. He always loved and cared for Ed, Bryan, Scott, Gina, Julie, Nancy as Buzz, as Judi did for Kevin and Kathleen. All 16 grand-kids are loved and treasured. Mr. O’Hollearn also has nieces and nephews here and around the country.

Mr. O’Hollearn is survived by his son, Kevin (Lorrie); daughter, Kathleen; grandchildren, Kevin, Sean, Patricia, Bridget and Damian; and great-granddaughter Charlotte.