Courtesy La Salle PrepLa Salle Prep’s 2017 valedictorians are Christian Reyes, Dave Bryan, Jonah Lyon, Will Adriance, Joseph Kreitzberg, Kevin Nguyen and Greg Bryan. The students all have grade point averages of 4.22 or higher.
Courtesy La Salle Prep
La Salle Prep’s 2017 valedictorians are Christian Reyes, Dave Bryan, Jonah Lyon, Will Adriance, Joseph Kreitzberg, Kevin Nguyen and Greg Bryan. The students all have grade point averages of 4.22 or higher.
MILWAUKIE — La Salle Prep will send forth 176 students at this year’s graduation, set for 11 a.m. Saturday, June 17, at Rolling Hills Community Church in Tualatin.

The seven valedictorians —  Will Adriance, David Bryan, Greg Bryan, Joseph Kreitzberg, Jonah Lyon, Christian Reyes and Kevin Nguyen — have a collective resume that would make any college admissions officer swoon.

Each has taken nearly every Advanced Placement and honors course at the high school. Several already have earned college credits. For them, A’s are as common as Oregon rain.
Yet when gathered around a table to discuss earning their school’s highest academic honor, they first praise their classmates who aren’t in the room.

“Almost everyone in my class is smarter than me,” said Kevin Nguyen, who’s headed to the University of Texas in Dallas next year.

“There are so many other people who could be here,” said Joseph Kreitzberg, who’s going to the University of Portland. “This class is stellar.”

The two aren’t just being humble.

La Salle’s class of 2017 is one of the most academically successful in the school’s 50-year history, said Andy Kuffner, principal. Two-thirds of the 176 graduates have a grade point average of 3.25 or higher, more than 40 have a GPA of 4.0 or higher, and 111 of the seniors are taking 244 AP exams this spring. Plus, every valedictorian has a GPA of at least 4.22.

 “We are kind of competitive,” admitted Jonah Lyon, who’s headed to the University of Michigan.

The culture of excellence has created a friendly competition among students, said Greg Bryan, who, like his twin and fellow valedictorian Dave Bryan, is headed to the University of Portland.
“When Kevin gets one less point on a test, I have to remind him of that,” said Dave with a grin.

In fact, the competition is so friendly that a lot of seniors study together. They edit each other’s papers, figure out multivariable calculus over FaceTime and make sense of chemistry via chat.

Christian Reyes, who’s bound for the University of California at Berkeley, said working together helps him learn and get to know his friends better.

“We’d work on problems, then have a conversation about life,” he said.

The valedictorians and their classmates have been successful outside the classroom, too. Among them are musicians, athletes, actors, orators and more who put as much heart into their pastimes as their schoolwork.

Which is just how high school should be, noted Will Adriance, who’s headed to Brown University.

“You should spend high school doing things you want to do,” he said. “You will get a lot more out of it.”

Here are the graduates: William James Kohnen Adriance, Cooper Matthew Allen, Stephany Nallely Alvarado-Ornelas, Ole Andrew Arntson, Hailey Danae Ashcraft, Bethany Claire Barbieri, Noah Stanton Bean, Cameron Olivier Beillard, Matthew Stephen Berger, Delina Genet Biniam, Elizaveta Sergeyevna Bliznyuk, Corwyn Stuart Bradeen, Tessa Lynn Bradeen, Clare Ann Brinkman, Jane Margaret Bronec, Brianna Christine Bryan, David William Bryan, Gregory James Bryan, Steven Michael Bulbes, Jason Pastorius Burns, Nicholas Christopher Carbone, Parker Stephen Cardwell, Quinten Thomas Carlson, Brittany Lynn Carter, Joseph Michael Cavanagh, Hannah Rose Chabot, Kiana  Christensen, Matthew Charles Joseph Cleary, Dominic Alexander Colpo, Evan Sanders Cooley, Olivia Dare Cooper, Mackenzie Ann Cummings, Nicholas Ryan Dawson, Connor Scott Denning, Garrett Ray  Dethlefs, Joseph Buchannon Devoe, Cassidy Danielle Devore, Albert Charles Dierckes, IV, Kristin Pham Dinh, Kateri Isabelle Dir-Munoz, Adrianah Danielle Dorn, Patrick Douglas Dowhaniuk, Matthew Alexander Curtis Duarte, Theresa Lynne Edwards, Nikolaus Peter Alden Evans, Bryce Richard Falk, Christopher Robert Farrow, Aaron  Felcher, Nathan  Felcher, Angela Anne Feltz, Ann Catherine Fisher, Jared Anthony Fontenette, Taylor Nicole Foster, Gabriella Santilli Gately, Aidan Kelly Gierer, Andres Ricardo Giesemann, Jaden Joe Gloden, Jasmine Joe  Gloden, Jordan Joe Gloden, Jasmin Noelle Gomez, Emrie EnNing Good, Aleah Diane Goodman, Brittany Jae Gottsch, Sierra Johanna Grant, Lucas Zefiro Grau Michaels, Bronwyn Patricia Gregory, Sophie Marie Griese, Lucas Ray Guasco, Samuel Evans Gullo, Conor McKinnon Jeremy Gwyn, Piper Darling Hackler, Sean Gabriel Hamel, Emma Marie Herder, Bailey Rose Higgins, Joseph Viet Hoang, Adelaide Marie Holenstein, Masen Serra Rae Hopkins, Bryan Keeney Hunter, Virginia Marie Jacobs, Zoe Alexis Raquel Jones, Hayden Elizabeth Jones, Christopher Wenjie Kar, Matthew Joseph Kerr, Olivia Michelle Kiesz, Aliyah Lauren Klein, Bentina Tebra Kouadio, Joseph Clair Kreitzberg, Lauren Judith Lamey, Vinh Tuong Le, Jamie Nicole Loeffl, Emma Anh Phuong Ly, Benjamin Truong Ly, Matthew David Lynch, Jonah Jackie Lyon, Rylee Ann Maben, Anthony Emmanuel Manzon, Meredith Catherine Marcinko, Tayah Louise Mariani, Hannah Lorraine Markowski, Cayden Christopher Martinez, Emily Ann McCoy, Nicholas Andrew McCoy Jr., Ian Joseph McMahon, Paul Abner McNassar, AnnaMarie Rose Meyer, Levi Arthur Miles, Delaney Joelle Miller, Sarah Dianne Minsker, Michelle Kathleen Moore, Max Blaise Muhr, Elise Danielle Nebels, Garrett Thomas Neuman, Megan Thien Y Ng, Kevin Minh Nguyen, Miles Easton Norman, Brianna Elizabeth Oetken, Boone Barton O’Neil, Joseph Raymond Parise, Nicholas James Parise, Will Vanaman Park, Graham Bowline Parker, Xochitl Esther Parra Valdez, Hunter Cary Parrott, Lydia Frances Pearce, Quinten Jon Pearson, Jonah Warren Pemberton, Tyler Joseph Persons, Simon Erik Petersen, Madison Elizabeth Malia Pfeifer, Rachel Grace Primack, Katharine Mary Elzoe Quines, Alessandro James Ranieri, Kevin Joseph Raschio, Antoine Raymond Rask, Tanner Christian Rast, Flaviano Christian Ganiron Reyes III, Stewart Paul Robertson, Damian Carl Robledo, Jacob Daniel Ryan, Tyler James Schmitt, Madeleine Claire Sheahan, Elizabeth Hoyt Sheldon, Joel Allen Simmons, Mercede Lyn Simonis, Darby Marie Simpson, Alexander Benvenuto Smith, Emmerson Nicole Smith, Ian Michael Solomon, Julianna Camille Sprague, John Roger Stafford, Sonja Louise Stark, Samuel Kurt Stone, Gabrielle Marche Stoney, Simone Jonet Stoney, Keegan Amilia Storlie, Connor Duncan Sumpter, Gabriel Ramone Tafoya, Teresa Esther Tamashiro, Alan Guangxu Tang, Joshua R. Titchener, Kodzovi Ange Toku, Stella Anne Tompkins, Nicholas Charles Touchette, Jessica Nhi Truong, Marissa Anne Vanecko, Abigail Ying Vincent, Jason Gabriel Waters, Sydney Shea Welp, Riley Warren Tippens West, Nathaniel Colfax Whritenour, Zoe Louise Wilber, Elijah Zschau Wild, Nathan John Wobig, Jaidin Jaylin Wollan, Kyler Scott Wright and Emma June Wycoff