Courtesy The Madeleine SchoolThe 2017 class from The Madeleine School will graduate June 13.
Courtesy The Madeleine School
The 2017 class from The Madeleine School will graduate June 13.
The 25-member class of 2017 from The Madeleine School in Northeast Portland will graduate at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, June 13, at The Madeleine Church.

Along with the eighth-graders, several fifth-graders also have much to celebrate this spring.

In late May, a team of five fifth-graders compete at the 2017 Destination Imagination Global Finals in Knoxville, Tennessee. The “Mad Thinkers” have worked together since October on a performance that tells a story about how the disappearance of a single color would change the world. They have competed against teams from the metro area, the state, the region and now nationally with a performance that includes a live vanishing act and technical theater methods, along with a risky chemistry experiment. The production was written, scripted and designed by the students.

“Two years ago, The Madeleine auction paddle raise funded STEM [science, technology, engineering and math] enhancements in our school, from robotics to music,” explains team parent Kristin Rios. “This ignited curiosity and excitement across all grades and the faculty at The Madeleine for science, technology and the arts.”

The funding provided the science and tech departments with tools, including modular electronics and robotic kits, to help students experience hands-on learning through building, creating, engineering, testing and problem-solving in real time.

After winning both the metro and state competitions, the Mad Thinkers now will compete with teams from around the world, as well as attend workshops, expos and STEM showcases led by NASA, Oracle Academy, Disney and other industry leaders.

The team and their parents see this as an experience of a lifetime.

Here are the graduates: Jack Anctil, Cecilia Anderson, Oskar Batho, Marin Biniak, Zoe Coughlin-Glaser, Finn Dugan, Alex Fiedler, Agustine Gianotti, Mordecai Giday, Aine Gillen, Aidan Gold, Ian Golightly, Audrey Horne, Averi Jackson, Elizabeth O’Leary, Grant Pennick, Alex Pillsbury, Betsy Robinson, Zachary Rodrick, Liam Sack, Charlotta Schreuder, Porter Shea, Lena Sherlag, Caroline Thompson and Lily Wilson