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  • At Portland parish, young Korean Catholics grow together in faith
    Bridging the generation gap can be difficult, but on one issue in particular, Korean Catholics young and old see eye-to-eye: Mass on Sunday is not optional. At the Church of Korean Martyrs, Portland’s only Korean Catholic church, this is evident by the number of teens and young adults who participate in the weekly youth Mass. Parents often come, too.
  • Indonesian Catholics - banding together like family
    They are Catholics from the most populous Muslim country in the world. Like Irish, Italian or Slavic immigrants of the 19th and 20th centuries, Indonesian Catholics in Oregon have banded together in an association for spiritual, social and cultural activities.
  • Oregon's Filipino Catholics offer strong spiritual, social influence
    Because of their ability to integrate smoothly into U.S. culture, the presence of Filipino Catholics is not so public. But Filipinos are a major Catholic ethnic group in Oregon and have an influence on spirituality and faith practice. There are an estimated 12,000 Philippines natives in the Portland area, spread out in almost every Catholic parish.
  • Mass reminds many of freedom's blessing
    It was 40 years ago outside Saigon when Chung Nguyen, 50, saw the horrifying results of a U.S. rocket. Nguyen’s uncle had managed to rush family members into a tunnel for shelter, but did not make it down himself and was blown apart by the blast.
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