In Oregon, one gets accustomed to self-congratulatory iconoclasts. Each Christmas in Portland, they dress like overly sexualized St. Nicholases and wander from tavern to tavern. In Eugene, an annual parade has included men who don nun costumes and act lewdly. All over our fair state, immature artists lazily seek to make statements, and so they employ images of Jesus or Mary in insulting ways, then snigger as they pat each other on consciously shabbily attired backs.

Even by Oregon standards, what Kim Kardashian did around Easter is outrageous — not to mention vapid, exploitative and in poor taste.

On social media, the former porn star created an image of herself as the Virgin Mary. The picture evaporates into a whacky celebration of marijuana. The same image of Kardashian is emblazoned on candles that sell for $18 and are paired up with an ash tray, festooned with an image of Kardashian’s bare buttocks. 

There is so much that is wrong with what Kardashian and her handlers have done.

She is using an image sacred to a billion Christians to make a fast buck. That’s arrogant and anti-intellectual. We demand that she halt the project and send its profits to a church-based helping organization like Catholic Charities or Catholic Relief Services.

Kardashian also is promoting marijuana use in a way that seems to be targeting young men. Like the Oregonians who voted to legalize marijuana, she is happy to suit herself instead of considering how her actions might ruin young lives.

For her own good, Kardashian should study up on Mary, perhaps reading the “Magnificat” (Lk 1:46-55), one of the seminal poems in world literature. In the stirring passage, Mary voices God’s tendency to raise up the lowly and dissolve the plans of those who are conceited.