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When Donald Trump was elected last year, we welcomed some of his ideas. But we insisted that Catholics, as with any president, must hold Trump accountable when he flaunts our teachings.

His decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris climate change agreement is a violation of Catholic teaching and sensibility for many reasons. Here are three malefactions that rise to the top, like greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

First, Trump has embraced self-interest over the common good. There are few ways to contradict the teaching of Jesus so obviously. The church understands that national leaders must care for their own people, but calls us beyond animal instinct. Trump is breaking an agreement that took a decade to iron out among the world’s countries. He did not need to leave — he could have stayed within the agreement and asked for changes. His actions reflect dangerous self-centeredness.

Second, the president is endangering the sanctity of life. We are grateful for his pro-life Supreme Court pick, but the climate accord decision is at odds. Climate change has already begun to hit people in impoverished nations and according to solid science, many could die and suffer in flooding, droughts and agricultural catastrophes. The parables are full of rich and people who neglect the lives of the poor and the suffer for it. Eventually, climate change will come for Americans.

Third, Trump has failed at balance. One genius of Catholicism is its ability to show the wisdom of “both and” over “either or.” Pope Benedict in 2006 called for “a sober balance between consumption and the sustainability of resources.” Pope Francis during his 2015 trip to the United States, sounded the same theme repeatedly. A good economy and environmental health can go together, unless our leaders lack zeal and imagination.

For these three reasons and more, we ask the president to recall what Pope Francis told him last month. We must rejoin the Paris accord.