Bob Hughley
Bob Hughley

Regarding “A grandson of slaves ascends to leadership” (Jan. 20, page 1):

Bob Hughley first became known to me when he took on the principalship of St. Andrew School as it staggered uncertainly following a period of tumultuous leadership. His careful, even-handed guidance affirmed students and faculty in their educational endeavor even as the decision was being made to close the school.

I believe that was Bob’s introduction to St. Andrew. As he found other avenues for involvement he adopted us as his community. For several summers he was the Pied Piper of the Vacation Bible School, enchanting the young participants with his animated re-creation of stories from Scripture and leading them on a variety of ambitious field trips.

At times Bob proclaimed Scripture to our whole congregation as lector or reflection-giver. The challenge of his fulsome words was always to be rooted in the presence of God in order to change our world into the kingdom of God.

Bob’s whole mode of being has given witness to this message. What needed to be done was always possible in this context. He unhesitatingly set himself to the task at hand.

Until recently Bob was an active member of the anti-racism and MLK celebration committee. Even as his health now limits him, he continues to reach out to us, encouraging and challenging.

When I am with Bob his warmth and vision invite me into a deeper engagement with life.

His penetrating gaze seems to see whom I can still become.

Anne Caruso