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  • WATCH: 'We can only say yes'
    ST. HELENS — A cool breeze blew off the lower Columbia River at sundown April 20 as Roberto and Nathan Navarro kindled the Easter fire at St. Frederic Church here. READ MORE>>
  • Archbishop Sample's prayer opens statehouse session
    SALEM — Rep. Jennifer Williamson, majority leader of the Oregon House of Representatives and a graduate of Valley Catholic High School, invited Archbishop Alexander Sample to lead the opening ceremony for the legislature April 2.  READ MORE>>
  • Coastal parishes join together to mark Good Friday
    NORTH BEND — Joyful honks came from cars — their drivers eagerly waving — as dozens of Catholics walked along the roads of Coos Bay and North Bend carrying rosaries, a banner and most notably a large wooden cross.  
  • How we find the Risen One
    "When we love, in the face of only searing hatred, we find Jesus, the Risen One,” Holy Cross Father Chris Brennan told worshippers Easter morning at Holy Redeemer Church in North Portland. 
  • 'The Abortion Divide,' April 23, PBS
    NEW YORK (CNS) — Thirty-six years after he directed "The Abortion Clinic" for PBS' "Frontline" series, veteran journalist Mark Obenhaus returns to Philadelphia to update his initial reporting in the new documentary "The Abortion Divide."
  • Not afraid

    We at Parents’ Rights in Education are not afraid. We are the group that stopped the infamous Adolescent Sexuality Conference held every year in Seaside right across from Our Lady of Victory Church. This Catholic will continue to support the goals of PRIE.

Passion re-enacted
At St. Luke Parish in Woodburn, Hispanic faithful carried on the tradition of a realistic enactment of Jesus’ last hours and death. Parishioners dressed as Roman guards, apostles, Sanhedrin officials and the people of Jerusalem moved through the tragic story as hundreds of onlookers sat spellbound in gymnasium bleachers.
Today's suffering on Good Friday
Many Christians apply the story of Good Friday to modern suffering and seek God’s help to create a better world. In downtown Beaverton, 150 people walked to sites for reflection and prayer, singing “Jesus Remember Me” and carrying a seven-foot-tall wooden cross along the path.
Small parish, big dinner
The Roy steak and ham meal, in its 52nd year, exemplifies a steadfast community
Rite of election
About 750 Oregonians stood in churches last month to affirm their intention to become Catholic at Easter. At the liturgies, called rites of election, the names of Catholics-to-be are written in large books signed by a bishop, an act of welcome and hope from the entire Catholic Church.
High tea for a high purpose
Our Lady of Peace fundraiser also convenes the Catholic community
  • Why we do what we do: An Easter reflection
    Most Rev. Alexander Sample
    From time to time it is important to stop and ask ourselves why we do what we do as a Church. As I travel the archdiocese and visit with the faithful, I hear all sorts of comments and concerns.
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