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  • 2020 Catholic Media Conference set for Portland
    The Archdiocese of Portland, the Catholic Sentinel and El Centinela have been chosen to host the 2020 Catholic Media Conference. More than 200 Catholic journalists and communications professionals will come to Portland June 29-July 2, 2020, for speakers, workshops, prayer — and likely a trip to the food carts. READ MORE>>
  • The power of mercy
    Charlotte Dorsey, a longtime volunteer with the St. Vincent de Paul Society through Our Lady of the Mountain Parish in Ashland, works to see Christ in the people she helps. “And as we go out, we’re being Christ to others, at least the best we know how. I like thinking about that going on around the world.” READ MORE>>
  • Bridging the future and the past
    For young seminarians, it was chance to meet retired priests who themselves once were young students. For older priests, it was a night to witness the future leaders of the church. For supporters of the church at St. Pius X Parish in Northwest Portland, the Shephard’s Legacy Seminarian and Retired Priest dinner Sept. 29 was a night to witness both.
  • There are cracks in the current church policies on sex abuse of children.
Holding tradition, but engaged with the world
One Franciscan Sister seems to have succeeded in living out the balance
Deaf Catholics at peace worshipping in their language
They know each other’s hardships, can open their hearts
Retired police chief helps Catholic agency deal with growth
Pete Kerns adds strategic planning to the ‘brilliance’ at St. Vincent de Paul of Lane County
James Ladd felt his calling affirmed during internship at Holy Trinity in Beaverton
As they began classes this fall, many students from Mount Angel Seminary carried a fresh experience of parish life.
Builder, who lives by ‘cowboy code,’ has helped create beautiful churches
MOUNT ANGEL — A small general contracting firm, in a small office, in a small town has built remarkable modern Catholic buildings in Oregon.
  • A chance to make a difference
    Most Rev. Alexander Sample

    I can already hear the objections of some to this column and can anticipate letters I might receive taking issue with the call to action I wish to make at a critical time for the public moral life of our beloved State of Oregon.

    May this column serve as a response to the objections of some, and an explanation of why this is a time for faithful Catholics to let their voices be heard loud and clear.


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