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  • Abortion funding ban gets official encouragement

    Catholic leaders are asking Oregonians to approve Measure 106, a grassroots ballot initiative that would limit taxpayer funding of elective abortions. 

    “Our public tax dollars should be used to truly support women and families in need and not to pay for the irreversible and harmful effects of abortion,” Portland Archbishop Alexander Sample wrote in a letter read at western Oregon parishes last weekend. “Oregonians should no longer be forced to pay for elective, late-term and even sex-selective abortions.”

  • WATCH: CYO annual dinner boosts spirits
    There were a few tears amid the laughter and inspiration on offer at the Oct. 9 Champions of Faith dinner, CYO/Camp Howard’s annual fundraising bash at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland.  READ MORE>>
  • ‘I will forever be blessed’
    GERVAIS — Marissa Casanova joined the faculty of Sacred Heart School here in the fall of 2016. Her third- and fourth-grade classes “thrived under her tutelage and her coworkers found themselves impressed with her love for her profession, the children, her faith, and her strong work ethic,” said a press release from the school.
  • LIFE: Faithful citizenship
    Politics is not a dirty word. Catholics engage in the political process because “we are called to take an active part in public life; we embrace it, discuss it, live it. Practicing our faith in the public arena and engaging in politics is a religious freedom to be cherished and a way of being disciples of Jesus Christ.
  • Family and parish community support my priestly vocation
    ST. BENEDICT — The tradition in the Archdiocese of Seattle is for seminarians to be ordained to the diaconate at their home parish. Celebrating my diaconal ordination with my family and parish community last June was an incredible gift. I have attended St. Anthony in Renton, Washington, since I was 8 years old. It was here where I altar served and received my confirmation, and where I have been blessed with many memories of church and family.
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Builder, who lives by ‘cowboy code,’ has helped create beautiful churches
MOUNT ANGEL — A small general contracting firm, in a small office, in a small town has built remarkable modern Catholic buildings in Oregon.
New lodge increases possibilities at Camp Howard
Dining hall big enough to hold everyone
  • No fear of the truth
    Most Rev. Alexander Sample
    As the sad crisis in the Church over sexual abuse and misconduct and its cover-up continues to unfold, I have been thinking a lot about the truth. We need the truth, however painful it may be to hear it. We must, in a sense, answer Pilate’s question, “What is the truth?” Only the truth in this matter will make us free.
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