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  • Collection of heroic, sweet dog stories highlight God's presence
    "Dogwinks" is a collection of remarkable, heartwarming short stories highlighting that nothing is impossible with God, and that sometimes his blessings are even more apparent with dogs along life's twists and turns.
  • 'Dr. Death,' streaming, Peacock
    NEW YORK (CNS) — The Wondery podcast "Dr. Death," which recounts the horrific malpractice engaged in by former Texas neurosurgeon Christopher Duntsch, has attracted 50 million listeners since its 2018 inception.
  • Old


    NEW YORK (CNS) — A day at the beach is no day at the beach in the thriller "Old" (Universal).
  • Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins
    NEW YORK (CNS) — Silly and ponderous, yet morally interesting, the action adventure "Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins" (Paramount) has been adapted from the world of Hasbro toys by director Robert Schwentke.
  • TV film fare — week of July 25
    NEW YORK (CNS) — The following are capsule reviews of theatrical movies on network and cable tele-vision the week of July 25. Please note that televised versions may or may not be edited for language, nudity, violence and sexual situations.
  • Joe Bell
    NEW YORK (CNS) — Much of the dialogue in the somber "Joe Bell" (Roadside) sounds as if it could have been engraved on stone tablets.
  • Iconic Dorothy dress has been there 'all along'
    WASHINGTON (CNS) — It turns out there really is no place like home for a prized piece of movie memorabilia that came to The Catholic University of America's drama department about 50 years ago.
  • Mario Golf: Super Rush
    NEW YORK (CNS) — "Mario Golf: Super Rush" (Nintendo), the sixth installment in the family-friendly, links-themed series, features beloved characters competing amid new twists.
  • Writer's debut novel hints at suffering's subtle virtue
    Emerging writer Kirstin Valdez Quade made a modest splash in North American literary circles with the 2015 release of "Night at the Fiestas," a short-story collection deemed vibrant and refreshing by most reviewers.
  • Wine: An omnipresent food with spiritual significance
    With more than 300 references to wine, vineyards and winemaking, Scripture underscores the significance of the grape in biblical places and times. Wine is an omnipresent food that became spiritual nourishment for both Jews and Christians.
  • 'The North Water,' streaming, AMC+
    NEW YORK (CNS) — The forbidding quotation that frames the five-part nautical drama "The North Water" establishes the tone for this challenging, yet ultimately rewarding, miniseries.
  • TV film fare and program notes — week of July 18
    NEW YORK (CNS) — The following are capsule reviews of theatrical movies on network and cable television the week of July 18. Please note that televised versions may or may not be edited for language, nudity, violence and sexual situations.
  • Escape Room: Tournament of Champions
    NEW YORK (CNS) -- The horror sequel "Escape Room: Tournament of Champions" (Columbia) turns out to be a case of cinematic recidivism.
  • Black Widow
    NEW YORK (CNS) — As an addition to the Marvel Comics cinematic universe, the origin story "Black Widow" (Disney) provides the expected elements of large-scale special effects and intrepid derring-do.
  • Space Jam: A New Legacy
    NEW YORK (CNS) — There's a strained tone to "Space Jam: A New Legacy" (Warner Bros.), director Malcolm D. Lee's sequel to the 1996 sports comedy.
  • 'Sophie: A Murder in West Cork,' streaming, Netflix
    NEW YORK (CNS) — "Sophie: A Murder in West Cork," a meditative and often poetic docuseries streaming now in three one-hour installments on Netflix, concerns an unlikely crime.
  • Artist casts his own hands in restoration of Wisconsin parish's statue
    INSTITUTE, Wis. (CNS) — St. Teresa of Avila once said, "Christ has no body on earth now but yours, no hands but yours."
  • Books explore intersection between spirituality, sexuality
    When it comes to sexuality and relationships, both our culture and at times our church do a poor job of helping us form healthy attitudes. And linking these realities to our spirituality is something that many of us can't imagine.
  • TV program and film notes — week of July 11
    NEW YORK (CNS) — Here are some television program and film notes for the week of July 11 with their TV Parental Guidelines ratings if available. They have not been reviewed and therefore are not necessarily recommended by Catholic News Service.
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