NEW YORK (CNS) — Yet another vintage 1970s television series gets a reboot with "Kung Fu." The show debuts on The CW Wednesday, April 7, 8-9 p.m. EDT, and will stream afterward on The CW app.

Baby boomers may recall the original drama, which ran on ABC from 1972 to 1975. It featured David Carradine as an American who travels to China in the mid-19th century and trains to become a Shaolin priest and martial-arts expert. Returning to the Old West, he fights for justice, relying on Taoist philosophy and exuding a Zen-like coolness.

Now "Kung Fu" is in the hands of The CW's reinvention whiz, executive producer Greg Berlanti ("Riverdale," "Superman & Lois"). Based on the first episode available for review, the result is an entertaining if derivative mix of family fare and gooey romance, with a dash of the supernatural and plenty of action in the eponymous form of combat.

There's also a gender switch and time reset. "Kung Fu" stars Olivia Liang as Nicky Shen, the favored daughter of a modern-day San Francisco family. Much to the dismay of her traditionally minded father Jin (Tzi Ma) and mother Mei-Li (Kheng Hua Tan), Nicky has a "quarter-life crisis," drops out of law school and heads to China to embrace her heritage.

She winds up in an all-female Shaolin monastery where she is trained in the martial arts by her mentor, Pei-Ling Zhang (Vanessa Kai), keeper of a magical sword. This go around, spiritual lessons are few and easy to digest. "Don't give up, Nicky," Pei-Ling says. "Faith makes the impossible possible."

Three years pass and tragedy strikes, sending Nicky back to San Fran and an uncertain welcome from her family. Dad is delighted, but Mom is cold. Brother Ryan (Jon Prasida), a medical student, resents Nicky for not being around to provide moral support when he came out as homosexual.

On the other hand, Nicky's tech-savvy sister, Althea (Shannon Dang), is thrilled that Nicky has arrived just in time to attend her lavish wedding.

Corruption, meanwhile, has reared its ugly head in Chinatown, where the family runs the Harmony Dumplings shop. The mob is extorting small business owners, including Nicky's parents, who are late in repaying a loan. Jin is beaten up and left for dead.

Nicky decides to take the gangsters on and is soon dispensing chop-socky comeuppance all over the neighborhood. At her side (and complicating matters) are ex-boyfriend Evan Hartley (Gavin Stenhouse), an assistant district attorney, and a new love interest, Henry Yan (Eddie Liu), who happens to be an expert in ancient Chinese history.

Henry comes in handy when the monastery's mystical blade — which, like the fabled Excalibur, bestows superhuman powers on its possessor — is purloined by a mysterious assassin named Zhilan (Yvonne Chapman). Nicky decides to play Nancy Drew and embarks on an epic quest to retrieve it

Romance and intrigue on a grand scale await. Based on the first episode, "Kung Fu" is silly, escapist fun.