By Glenn Byer. 126 pp. Novalis, 2017. Toronto.

“Sing at Mass. Just do it. Loudly.”

That’s one skill Byer, worship publications manager at Oregon Catholic Press, says will enhance experience of liturgy. But he’s a sensible and schooled man and so also praises silence. In the end, he hopes Catholics develop an attitude of thanks, celebration and peace they carry all week.

The Catholic Press Association named “26 Ordinary Ways” the year’s best book on liturgy for good reason. Byer’s jovial wit and clear writing make it a pleasure. His obvious deep love of the Mass make it a faith witness.

Crisp chapters explore skills to help worshippers at Mass and let liturgy spill out generously into everyday life. Byer calls them skills because they can improve with practice.

They include hearing God’s call, praying through others’ words and seeing liturgical processions as little pilgrimages. Suggested activities include teens looking for Catholic music they like, couples creating a home prayer space and everyone writing a letter to God as to a close friend.

He urges all to keep a list of the week’s blessings to bring to Mass. One of his most appealing suggestions: When reciting the creed, find the face of a child and say the words as if passing belief on to the youngster.

Byer knows church history and reveals meaning behind liturgical action. For example, the Communion line moves toward the altar as we are supposed to move closer to the Lord. Catholics have not learned enough about Mass. This fun and meaningful book is a major contribution to filling that void.