Panelists will explore the role of women — as composers and as performers — in sacred Western and Eastern chant from ancient times to the present day, including music by Kassianí (Kassía) and Hildegard of Bingen. This is a history often marginalized or even disregarded in general histories of Christianity, yet it has been — and continues to be — important to the continuing vitality of sacred music as an art form and as a crucial mode of religious expression.

Co-sponsored by the Department of Music at City, University of London and Cappella Romana (Alexander Lingas, founder and musical director). This panel is to celebrate the launch of Cappella Romana's new album “Hymns of Kassiani,” a recording of works by the ninth-century nun Kassía. Co-hosted by Professor Lingas and Professor Susan Ashbrook Harvey (Brown University), it will feature women scholars and performers offering insights covering Greek, Latin, and Syriac traditions of past and present.

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