(NAPSI)—Multiple studies confirm that many Americans don't take all their paid vacation days. One theory is that the pressure people put on themselves to plan a perfect getaway leads them to plan nothing at all. After all, dreaming of the perfect family vacation is one thing, actually planning it another.

The Problem

Factors like where to go, what to do and how much to spend are all reasons vacation planning is daunting for many families, but a recent study found it may help to skip the Internet research and call the kids instead.

Your Kids May Have the Answer

The Kidpinions study by FamilyFun magazine and HomeAway, the world's leading online vacation rental marketplace, surveyed hundreds of parents and kids. Nine out of 10 parents said their kids play a role in vacation planning.

"People always ask adults their opinion, but what's really cool about including kids in the research is that we found making memories is just as important to them as it is to their parents," said Melanie Fish, HomeAway's family travel expert. "Young people value experiences over 'stuff,' and families are planning vacations together."

Forty-three percent of kid respondents said they'd prefer to go on vacation rather than receive a physical gift for their next birthday. The survey also showed that kids and parents share the same vacation vision. In fact, both parents and kids have "pool" as the most important amenity when choosing where to stay, followed by having enough rooms for everyone to claim their own.

Tips For Your Trip

Elizabeth Shaw, editor in chief of FamilyFun magazine, offered advice on how to make the planning easier and a vacation more memorable.

1. Let each person in the family plan a day. Have each family member get a turn or two to choose what to do. It helps everyone feel like they're part of the process and reinforces the idea that sometimes things are planned just because it will make someone else happy.

2. Choose a special place to sleep. Traditional accommodations have plenty of perks, but seeking out truly unique places to stay, such as a tree house (they're out there) or even a castle (it's possible), can be what sets this year's trip apart from all the rest. The good news? HomeAway.com can help you find both.

3. Write down a daily memory. Bring along some printer paper and a nice marker. Write the name of the trip across the top—for example, "Cape Cod 2017"—then take turns each night writing down one favorite memory from the day. When you're home, scan it and upload it to a photo service such as Minted.com. It'll clean up the smudges and send you a frame-worthy digital print.

With more than 2 million vacation homes for rent around the world, HomeAway is investing in finding out what kids and parents want on vacation as part of its mission to help families disconnect from everyday life and spend time reconnecting with each other.

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For further information on the Kidpinions survey or on booking a vacation rental, visit www.HomeAway.com.

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