American-made SUVs dominate in a study of vehicles proven to last at least 200,000 miles, according to the automotive research company

“The research shows that certain cars actually exceed 200,000 miles far more often than others do,” said Phong Ly, the company’s co-founder and CEO.

Car Longevity Findings

The automotive research firm’s analysis of 13 million pre-owned car sales revealed some interesting information about the longest-lasting cars on the road:

• Large SUVs from GM, Toyota and Ford earned the top 7 out of 14 spots, with the SUVs logging 14,407 annual miles (14 percent higher than average).

• Domestics beat imports 8 to 6 in the list of longest-lasting cars.

• The only passenger cars and sole minivan that ranked are Japanese models from Toyota and Honda.

• In addition to seven SUVs, four pickup trucks made the list: the Toyota Tacoma, Chevrolet Silverado 1500, Ford F-150 and GMC Sierra 1500.

The Top 14 Longest-Lasting Vehicles

(Ranked by percent of cars over 200k miles)

1. Ford Expedition, 5.7%

2. Toyota Sequoia, 5.6%

3. Chevrolet Suburban, 4.8%

4. Toyota 4Runner, 4.7%

5. GMC Yukon XL, 4.2%

6. Chevrolet Tahoe, 3.5%

7. GMC Yukon, 3.0%

8. Toyota Avalon, 2.6%

9. Toyota Tacoma, 2.5%

10. Honda Accord, 2.3%

11. Honda Odyssey, 2.3%

12. Chevrolet Silverado 1500, 2.2%

13. Ford F-150, 2.1%

14. GMC Sierra 1500, 2.0%

(Average for all models: 1.3%)

“For consumers who want a car that will log high miles and have more reliability after the manufacturer’s warranty expires, one of these 14 longest-lasting cars is likely to deliver,” Ly said.

With trucks and SUVs excluded from the list, Japanese automakers represent 12 of the 16 models with higher percentages than average.

The results include some of the country’s most popular cars: the Honda Accord, Honda Civic, Toyota Camry, Nissan Maxima, Subaru Forester, Ford Taurus and Chevrolet Impala.

Also of interest, one hybrid (Toyota Prius) and one luxury car (Mercedes-Benz S-Class) ranked on this list, along with four minivans, which include the Honda Odyssey and Toyota Sienna.

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