Students at Sacred Heart School in Gervais, dressed as saints for Halloween, play a saintly version of a cake walk.
Students at Sacred Heart School in Gervais, dressed as saints for Halloween, play a saintly version of a cake walk.
GERVAIS — “I was St. Philip,” explains David Gonzalez, an eighth grader at Sacred Heart School here. “He was one of the 12 Apostles and I really admire him because he had a really close relationship with Jesus. I would like to be in his place and get to work with the one and only Lord through Jesus Christ. I really admire the people who put the carnival together. It was very nice.”

Aldair Cruz, a fifth grader, enjoyed the sweeter side of the carnival, literally. ”We played All Saints Cake Walk. There was music playing and when it stops, you stop walking and there are saint pictures on the floor with their names. They draw a name and if the name matches the saint name you are standing on, you get candy!”

“I liked my brother’s costume, he was dressed up as St. Patrick,” says Brooke Harmon, another fifth grader. “He made a beard out of cotton balls. He also made a hat and necklace out of paper. I was dressed up as St. Kateri Tekawitha. I chose her because she looked interesting to me.”

“I was St. Elizabeth of Hungary,” notes fifth grader Frances Lear. “My friend, Josie, was St. Martha and she had a little dragon with her. I had so much fun doing fun games and then we got candy. I love the Saints Carnival!”

Katie Hanson, seventh grade, chose her saint for practical reasons. “I was St. Joan of Arc last year and this year. I like that she is the patron saint of soldiers. She is also like one of the only [female] saints who didn’t wear a dress all the time. I don’t like wearing dresses.”

Randy Gilland, seventh grade, dressed up as St. Ignatius who was a soldier for a Spanish duke.

“He got wounded and was rescued by a church,” Randy says of the Jesuit founder. “When he asked for something to read, they gave him copies of [books about] the life of Christ and the lives of the saints. He then set out to become just like those saints. I most admire St. Ignatius for being a soldier, and then turning his life around and helping people by dedicating his life to the Church. He went from fighter to leader of a religious order.” One of his favorite parts of the carnival? “My parents were helping work at the carnival and I enjoyed raiding the candy after everybody left.”

“The saint I chose was St. Francis of Assisi,” Sofia Contreras of fifth grade says. Sofia sums up the spirit of the celebration with, “I chose St. Francis because he is the patron saint of animals and I love animals. I think I looked awesome! We can all be saint-like. All we have to do is to be Christ-like and kind.”