Fr. Aniceto Guiriba poses May 9 with Susie Snider, ACCW Woman of Achievement for 2022. (Courtesy ACCW)
Fr. Aniceto Guiriba poses May 9 with Susie Snider, ACCW Woman of Achievement for 2022. (Courtesy ACCW)
On May 9, The Archdiocesan Council of Catholic Women held a day of recollection at St. James Parish in Molalla.

Del Keller, ACCW president, introduced Father Aniceto Guiriba, the pastor, who led the conferences. He prefers to be called Father Cit, the name given to him by his devout Catholic family in the Philippines.

In speaking of Mary as mother and protector, Father Guiriba reviewed some of the many titles under which the Catholic Church honors her. He began with “Mary, Mother of Christ.” Mary stayed at the foot of the cross where Christ suffered, the priest reminded listeners. When Christ said to St. John, “Behold thy Mother” and to Mary, “Behold thy son” he directed all to Mary. As “Mother of Christ,” Father Guiriba continued, Mary's mediation for all before God is intimately linked with her motherhood. Her mediation has a special maternal character.

Father Guiriba emphasized that Mary's mediation in no way takes away from the divine mediation of Christ, from whom derive all of Mary's graces.

Father Guiriba offered midday Mass. Following liturgy, all enjoyed a lunch that had been prepared by the members of the St. James Altar Society.

At the meal, Sue Anker and Barbara Francescon announced

the 2022 ACCW Woman of Achievement, Susie Snider. Since St. James is Snider's parish, many were on hand to celebrate her achievements.

She has been ACCW vice president, district president and attended national conventions, bringing back detailed reports. Everyone appreciates her enthusiasm, generosity and energy in putting on events. She has a history of service to her church, her family and her community.

The event closed with a prayer.

The ACCW is making plans to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the archdiocesan organization in 2024.

— Connie Manning, ACCW publicity