SALEM — The Oregon Knights of Columbus will sponsor a religious freedom rally starting at 1:30 pm. Saturday, Nov. 28, at the State Capitol.

The rally is intended to voice concerns about the latest restrictions being placed on businesses and churches by Gov. Kate Brown.

Ray Prom, the Knights’ faith director, said the rally’s sole purpose is to allow “Oregon church goers to return to their pews.”

“The governor returned to unreasonably low occupancy numbers for churches, while allowing much greater numbers in supermarkets, retail stores and big box stores,” Prom said. “A maximum capacity of 25 attendees for Mass, when a church might hold 400 to 500 people or more, seems quite unreasonable and oppressive.”

Prom said the Archdiocese of Portland has implemented strict COVID-19 policies and guidelines.

“However, the governor has chosen once again to restrict Mass attendance, even now as we are about to enter the Advent season,” Prom said.

Prom emphasized the rally is not anti-mask, anti-vaccination, a Second Amendment rally, nor an impeachment or political rally.

Prom added that throughout its existence, the Knights of Columbus has stood up for religious freedom, speaking out against the KKK in the 1920s when the Klan tried to outlaw Catholic schools, to lobbying Congress in recent years to declare the persecution of Middle Eastern Christians as genocide.