Portlanders can get an experience of Michelangelo’s masterful Sistine Chapel in an exhibit set for June 25-Aug. 11 at Pioneer Plaza, 700 SW 5th Ave., Suite 1200.

Arguably one of humankind’s greatest artistic achievements, the art can be viewed up-close, life-sized, and from a new perspective.

Experts reproduced the 34 ceiling frescoes from the Sistine Chapel, which tell the Judeo Christian story. High definition and special printing techniques emulate the look and feel of the originals, showing every detail, brushstroke and color. Audio guides are available in addition to signage.

Even those who have been to the Sistine Chapel will find new wonders, organizers say. Standard admission costs $26.20 per person.

For tickets and more information, go to chapelsistine.com/exhibits/portland/#.