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  • The last editorial
    Our rich intellectual tradition, our catechism and beautiful doctrine can give us the comical and self-limiting illusion that we understand God’s ways. I am sure the Father, Son and Spirit have a good laugh at that.
  • Pope tells Putin: Stop the war
    With "rivers of blood and tears" still flowing in Ukraine and with the increasing threat of the use of nuclear weapons, Pope Francis begged Russian President Vladimir Putin: "Stop this spiral of violence and death."
  • From the Archives
    It is therefore with mingled feelings of trepidation and of joy that we launch our craft upon the stormy and often disastrous sea of journalism.
  • ‘And fishes’
    Mostly I realized early on that parishes are the heart of church.
  • A fond farewell
    I will cherish those conversations that have made me laugh, consoled me, answered my questions, and questioned my point of view.
  • A small job I’ve done
    On Sept. 20, I wept because of Scripture. It wasn’t the actual content of God’s word, but only the chapter and verse numbers.
  • Where do I find local Catholic news now?
    With the Oct. 1 closure of the Catholic Sentinel as well as its website catholicsentinel.org, western Oregon Catholics will need to look elsewhere for local church news.
  • The close of an era
    For 152 years, the paper has been part of the glue that has held the Catholic community in western Oregon together.
  • Hopeful sadness
    The closure of the Catholic Sentinel and El Centinela has caused feelings of emptiness, frustration and sadness in the Oregon Catholic community.
  • Let your beauty shine, Pope Francis tells young people
    Pope Francis on Friday told young people to let their true beauty shine, the beauty that is a reflection of divine beauty.
  • Hurricane Ian leaves catastrophe in Florida, Cuba, millions without power
    It's too early to tell the extent of Hurricane Ian's damage in the Catholic dioceses of Venice and St. Petersburg or the rest of the Sunshine State for that matter, but President Joe Biden in a Sept. 29 news conference said it is likely to rank as "one of the deadliest hurricanes in Florida history."
  • I remember one day cracking open a case of zucchini and seeing my byline staring back at me.
  • ‘A lively tabloid’
    It was a lively tabloid in which we jammed a gallon’s worth of content in a pint-sized container each week.
  • Voice of immigrants will be quieted
    A publication that has been the voice of Hispanic immigrants for these 27 years is coming to an end.
    For 152 years, we mostly got things right, but it’s the blunders that we remember and that make us laugh.
  • Design and innovation center set for UP
    A center for design and innovation will rise adjacent to the University of Portland engineering school on acreage formerly occupied by the physical plant. The aim is to create a point of inspiration for future innovators.
  • As good as they get
    The editor of a small Catholic paper does everything from deciphering hand-written letters to the editor from 90-year-old Catholics to navigating dicey chancery politics.
  • UPDATE: Beloved priest dies at 102
    The oldest Catholic priest in Oregon died early Sept. 28. Father Vincent Cunniff was 102. The funeral is set for Monday, Oct. 10, 11 a.m. at St. Mary Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Northwest Portland. 
  • They told our story
    The paper makes us feel part of the family, this diverse, West Coast, rag-tag bunch of sinners all striving, by the grace of God, to follow Christ, live out the Gospel, and become the saints he calls us to be, right here in the glorious backdrop of western Oregon.
  • Change can mean new beginnings
    Isn’t it always shocking to endure these moments of seeming crisis — like when a beloved family member dies or when a job you’ve cherished comes to an end?
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