When students at Madeleine School in Northeast Portland returned from summer vacation, they found three new teachers and two new bathrooms to greet them. They also will spot visitors throughout the school as Madeleine welcomes its accreditation team this fall.

Mary Hoglund, longtime parishioner, educator and parent of two Madeleine graduates, is taking the reins in fifth grade. Paula Miller, a parishioner with an incoming kindergartner, will teach sixth grade. And, Kelley Groves joins Madeleine as new art teacher. Kate Chambers, who taught sixth grade for the past few years, now will oversee both the library and technology programs. In June, the community bid farewell to Alison Anderson, Michelle Doran and Ida Galash as they moved on to new adventures.

“We will miss Alison, Michelle and Ida and wish them the very best,” said Susan Steele, Madeleine principal.

Thanks to a successful paddle raise at the 2016 Madeleine auction, a major remodel took place over the summer in both the boys and girls bathrooms on the first floor. Constructed in the 1960s, the two bathrooms were overdue for a remodel since they experience more traffic than any other bathrooms in the school.

Dubbed “The Cleaner, Greener Bathroom Project,” the remodel makes the facilities more environmentally friendly and provides a more updated feel. Fixtures such as electronic soap dispensers and no-touch faucets also can help stem the spread of germs.

“While the faculty is important and the curriculum is vital, the appearance of a bathroom goes a long way toward informing a visitor’s impression of a school,” said Steele.

Speaking of impressions, administrators said the entire Madeleine School community looks forward to making a lasting impression on its accreditation team. The faculty and staff worked hard last year preparing the school self-study and feel ready to show off the school’s curriculum, classrooms and community.