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  • 'Words can be kisses,' but also 'swords,' pope writes in new book
    VATICAN CITY (CNS) — Silence, like words, can be a love language, Pope Francis wrote in a very short introduction to a new book in Italian.
  • Prayer for Servants of the Church is a ministry of the Archdiocesan Council of Catholic Women. A day each month is set aside to pray for a priest — along with a deacon, woman religious, seminarian or brother — serving in the Archdiocese of Portland. Please remember them, and all who serve the church, in your daily prayers.
  • Retreat house open
    BEAVERTON — The pandemic complicated retreat ministry, but Our Lady of Peace in Beaverton is trying to carry on in 2021. For many retreats on the calendar for the first half of the year, participants can join via Zoom.
  • QUESTION CORNER: Is 'purgatory' in Bible?/Kneel, sit or stand?
    Q — Some 50 years ago, I converted to the Catholic Church. But one question has always bothered me: Where will I find the word “purgatory” in the Bible? (Elmer City, Washington)
    For 2021, the Catholic Sentinel has invited several local priests to send 400-word homilies they would give if they knew they could never give one again — their final message.

  • History of early American Catholics late author's crowning achievement
    This highly anticipated second volume in historian Kevin Starr's history of Catholics in the United States is nothing short of glorious.
  • Authors find spiritual lessons amid pandemic's restrictions
    WASHINGTON (CNS) — Under COVID-19 pandemic isolation and its steadily escalating death toll, managing the anxiety of ordinarily stressful life passages has become exponentially unbearable.
  • Authors provide guidance to Catholics on discerning their identity
    Few questions are as central to our lives as "Who am I?" Most of us encounter and answer this concern as young adults and then find ourselves returning to it at various times in our lives.
  • Creating a sacred space at home
    Portland-based liturgical artist Greg Lewis, creator of the Risen Christ outdoor murals at Our Lady of Peace Retreat House, the design chapel furnishings at Providence Milwaukie Hospital and the chapel stained glass window at Providence St. Vincent Medical Center, has a new mission. He is encouraging people to set up a sacred space in their homes.
Seminary offers opportunity to cultivate leadership
    ST. BENEDICT — Every parish priest needs to be a leader, but not all seminarians have the natural gift. Even those who are born to it need to develop their skills. According to three student leaders, Mount Angel Seminary rises to the occasion.
  • Netflix to release series illustrating pope's call for 'alliance' of young, old
    ROME (CNS) — Netflix has announced that in 2021 it will release a documentary series based on "Sharing the Wisdom of Time," a book in which Pope Francis called for creating "an alliance between the young and old people" by sharing their stories.
  • Parishes could benefit from communal study of book on priesthood
    Father Bonnot thought through and wrote this book as a meditation upon the meaning of his 50 years as a Catholic parish priest. Jesus, he notes correctly, was not a priest among his own people, not a descendant of Aaron.
  • Pope, in new book, talks about personal 'lockdowns' that changed his life
    VATICAN CITY (CNS) — While the coronavirus lockdowns and restrictions have interrupted people's lives and brought suffering on a global scale, every individual — including the pope — has or will experience traumatic interruptions in their lives, Pope Francis said in a new book.
  • Practical guide advises on women's ministry in church
    Looking for a great balance of personal stories, Scripture-based motivators and proven tips for starting a ministry for women? Run today and get this practical book. If your parish has a women's ministry already, buy copies for everyone on the leadership team, too. It will confirm the importance of their engagement.
  • Question Box: Was Friday really 'Good'?/Go back to parish or not?
    Q — Why do we call the day Jesus was crucified "Good" Friday? Christ was made to suffer horribly, so this has always bothered me. (Radford, Virginia)
  • New group captures prayer power of widows
    There’s a new Catholic team in western Oregon preparing to fight evil and pray for good — widows. The church has officially recognized the potential spiritual superheroes.
  • Pilgrims to the land of the Incarnation
    Visiting Israel means wading through its contradictions, distractions and sorrows. 
Abbot Jeremy Driscoll reflects on holy images
    ST. BENEDICT — Abbot Jeremy Driscoll of Mount Angel Abbey reflected on two sacred images recently in his regular video talks.
  • Retreat offers a chance to explore priesthood
    Those who want to hear how God is calling them should take time to listen. That’s the advice of three men who hope to enter seminary next year for the Archdiocese of Portland.
  • Western Oregon Christmas Mass schedules
    limits on the number of worshippers, so make sure to sign up ahead of time online or by phone. Those who are not signed up cannot attend and only people who live together can sit together at Mass. Masks will be required.
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