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  • Archdiocese of Portland bishops, clergy recommit to protect youths
    Bishops and priests at the final session of the 2018 priests' convocation at the Oregon coast earlier this month discussed recent news of clergy sex abuse in other parts of the nation.
  • A tool for the journey
    “Holding a rosary is like holding Mary’s hand.” The saying came down to Mariana Schatte, who attends Mass at both St. Anthony Parish in Tigard and St. Mary Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Portland.
  • Women’s ministry to begin
    ASTORIA — A ministry among Catholic women on the north coast is beginning. St. Mary, Star of the Sea, Astoria – Magnificat, is inviting Catholic women to attend a Dutch treat luncheon on Tuesday, Oct. 16, at 11:30 a.m. at Dooger's in Warrenton, across from Walgreens.
  • WATCH: Deaf Catholics at peace worshipping in their language
    Even in the solitude of her room at Chestnut Lane retirement center in Gresham, Anita Jazowick prays to Jesus in sign language. The Lord understands and signs right back.
  • A time for silence
    Everyone knows the vacation drill. It begins with the stress of getting ready to get away. Next comes the stress of go-go-going during the days and nights of the get-away, to make sure you’re enjoying yourself, relaxing and also getting your money’s worth. Then a growing exhaustion and finally the overwhelming trauma of returning to hundreds of emails, delayed projects and guilt.
  • WATCH: James Ladd, back at Mount Angel, felt his calling affirmed during internship at Holy Trinity in Beaverton
    James Ladd, in his second year at Mount Angel for the Archdiocese of Portland, said seminarians chomp at the bit to get out among the faithful. Summer assignments at parishes, Ladd explained, give a welcome taste of the future. 
  • LIFE: Respect Life Sunday
    “Primum non nocere,” “first do no harm” is a guiding principle for medical practitioners. It recognizes the wondrous mystery of the human body, that doctors are to be skillful servants of something beyond their full understanding and that there is always something beyond us when we encounter another human being.
  • Official announcement from Archdiocese of Portland Pastoral Center
    On June 4, Pope Francis granted approval to a petition from Mike Maslowsky to be dispensed from the clerical state. Maslowsky, now laicized, was a priest of the Archdiocese of Portland.
  • The Sisters of Reparation of the Sacred Wounds of Jesus and Donnes of Reparation have invited the public for a Mass for vocations with Father Jon Buffington, Friday, Oct. 19, 6 p.m. Adoration and guided prayer begin at 5 p.m
  • The Eugene Knights of Columbus are inviting Catholics to a formal attire dinner supporting local priests. The annual priests appreciation gathering is set for Friday Nov. 2, at the Holiday Inn in Springfield.
  • LIFE: Nonviolence
    Peace in the world must start with peace in the heart of man and woman; we must reconcile the cleavage between faith and action. Everything is connected.
  • UP’s senior priest: All servant, little ego

    Holy Cross Father George Bernard, age 96 and a priest since 1949, is still figuring out how to pray.

  • Rediscover your marriage
    Retrouvaille is French for “rediscovery.” The Catholic program offers the chance for couples with troubled marriages to rediscover themselves, their spouses, and a loving relationship in their marriages.
  • A conference that aims to help Catholic men strengthen their faith and virtue is set for Oct. 19-20 at St. Stephen Parish in Southeast Portland.
  • Local religious featured on campaign poster

    The national Retirement Fund for Religious campaign is using a squad of nuns, priests and monks from the Archdiocese of Portland as its poster-people.

  • WATCH: Training for catechists: Begin by deepening divine relationship
    EUGENE — At regional trainings this summer, western Oregon Catholics who teach the faith heard that before they instruct, they must allow God deep into their lives.
  • A perky friend to God and humanity

    ASHLAND — Janie Brown thinks of herself as the utility infielder of Our Lady of the Mountain Parish. 

  • Couples convene at Fatima, witness to marriage

    Married couples who are part of a Catholic group called Teams of Our Lady celebrate and nurture their marriages once a month with like-minded Catholic pairs.

    In July, 12 Oregon couples and a priest did the same for five days with 4,000 couples from all over the world who speak different languages but are equally committed to their sacramental marriages. 

  • Mount Angel monk to become Navy chaplain
    SILVERTON — Parishioners walking into St. Paul Church in Silverton here are greeted by a plaque recognizing the life and service of former pastor, Father Richard Carberry. Father Carberry was pastor from 1938 to 1940, before becoming a U.S. Army chaplain. He died as a prisoner of war in 1945
  • Occasional sadness and depression are natural responses to daily stresses. Northwest Catholic Counseling Center offers a workshop on learning how to use personal spiritual gifts to transform that feeling of grief into an opportunity for hope
  • An introduction to contemplative prayer is set for Saturday, Sept. 29, 8 a.m.-noon in the Fireside Room Holy Trinity Church in Beaverton. There will be four follow up meetings, with date and time decided by those in attendance. 
  • WATCH: Shop has spread the faith for 35 years
    A veteran of the Catholic book, gift and supply business has retired. But Mary Dieringer found new owners for Gifts of the Spirit, a religious fixture in Southeast Portland for 35 years.
  • Lessons for living faith: homelessness
    Mater Dei Radio is continuing its series of breakfasts in which business and service leaders discuss ways to live out faith in everyday life. The breakfast set for Thursday, Sept. 13, will focus on responding in faith to people who are homeless.
  • Organizers of an upcoming workshop at Mission of the Atonement in Beaverton say that active nonviolence is neither passivism nor avoiding conflict and confrontation. Rather, they say, it’s a way to engage in peacemaking. Active nonviolence, the organizers explain, involves the use of peaceful means in a persistent manner to push for political and social change. 
  • Holy Names Sisters celebrate golden jubilees
    MARYLHURST — The Sisters of Holy Names of Jesus and Mary are celebrating the 50-year anniversary of four women in Oregon. The golden jubilarians are Sisters Maureen Oliver, Kathryn Knoll, Janet Marcisz and Mary Ann Martinmaas.
  • Italian Mass before festival: It’s a natural
    Italians celebrate saints, miracles and the founding of their scenic villages — among other things. The commemorations involve days of food, music, dancing, sport and long speeches. But every festival in the old country begins with Mass.
  • Advice from survivors for fellow Catholics

    The lacerating grand jury report on sexual abuse by Catholic clergy in Pennsylvania and the alleged crimes of Cardinal Theodore McCarrick of Washington, D.C., have left many in and outside the church trying to discern what went wrong, who is to blame and where the church should go from here.

  • LIFE: Sexual abuse

    We’re sorry that you should even have to hear about abuse or cover-up in the church. We’re especially sorry for any and all victims who were abused or ignored by priests, bishops, ministers in the church, family members, coaches or anyone. If you haven’t ever heard “I’m sorry this happened to you, — at least you can hear it from us.  We’re sorry.

  • Rosary Bowl is Oct. 6

    The 12th annual Rosary Bowl NW is set for Saturday, Oct. 6, 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. at the Oregon State Fairgrounds Pavilion. The day includes prayer, confessions, Mass with Archbishop Alexander Sample, speakers and exhibits.

  • The journey is the thing

    “First, prayer; then, atonement; in the third place, very much ‘in the third place,’ action.” These are the words of St. Jose Maria Escriva, who suggests that we always engage in intense thought and reflection before we act. As Catholics, we are called to serve those in need. However, it is impossible to accomplish our goals without proper mindsets and inspiration. This is the purpose of pilgrimages.


  • Retreat explores role of angels in our lives
    Father Cary Reniva, pastor of St. Cecilia Parish in Beaverton, will lead an Archdiocesan Council of Catholic Women day of recollection Tuesday, Oct. 9. The theme will be “The Role of Angels in Our Life.” 
  • Prayer for priests
    “A Year of Prayer for our Priests” is a ministry of the Archdiocesan Council of Catholic Women. We share the joy of this devotion with all Oregon Catholics. A day each month is set aside to pray for one priest serving in the Archdiocese of Portland. Please remember them and all priests, deacons and religious in your daily prayers.
  • St. Patrick’s Purgatory
    A monastery was founded on an island at Lough Derg in the 5th century. Since then, the lake has been a place of Christian pilgrimage. In the middle ages, the central part of the pilgrimage was a 24-hour period spent locked in a cave or pit where people were believed to do battle with demons, a precursor to Purgatory. So Lough Derg also became known as St. Patrick’s Purgatory.
  • Growing Northwest Catholic youth conference moves to Portland

    Ignite Your Torch Northwest, an annual youth conference known for drawing religious brothers and sisters from across the country, was held in Oregon for the first time July 6-9 at the University of Portland.

  • On the Way: Priests walk the Camino and find that trial opens them to grace
    According to two Archdiocese of Portland priests who walked famous pilgrimage paths to Santiago de Compostela in Spain this summer, getting lost is spiritually helpful.
  • Prayer for women religious

    In addition to compiling a list of priests serving in the archdiocese, the Archdiocesan Council of Catholic Women now includes lists of religious brothers and sisters, along with deacons and seminarians, in order for the faithful to hold all in their prayers. Please keep these women in your prayers each day.

  • Sisters stay connected
    Not all women religious reside at large convents with scores of other sisters nearby. Especially in mission territory like Oregon, many live in ones, twos and threes. Under those conditions, maintaining a vowed communal life takes extra dedication, discipline and, increasingly, technology.

  • A seasoned permanent deacon inspires a future priest

    MCMINNVILLE — A veteran permanent deacon here has mentored a priest-to-be in the art of wholehearted service. 

  • Archbishop’s public schedule

    Here’s Archbishop Alexander Sample’s schedule through Sept. 9.

  • Bringing joy  to the masses
    It’s contagious. It’s attractive. It’s as sought after as it is rare. It’s joy. It’s not a smile or a huge laugh. It’s more internal than that. And for evangelizers everywhere, it is key to bringing people into communion with Christ.
  • LIFE: Day of Prayer for Creation
    Are our eyes open to God’s handiwork in all of creation — the snow-capped mountains, the fluffy white cloud floating across the horizon, the first star in the evening sky, the unborn child, the middle-aged man suffering from schizophrenia?
  • Encyclical on birth control sparked a contentious moment in modern church
    In the summer of 1968, a time even more roiled than our own, Pope Paul VI issued an encyclical that caused an uproar. The pages of the Catholic Sentinel from August of that year show that parts of the church went different ways on the question of artificial birth control within marriage.
  • Archbishop Vlazny to offer Mass
    The Sisters and Donnes of Reparation have invited the public for a Mass of Thanksgiving with Archbishop John Vlazny, former head of the Archdiocese of Portland.
  • WATCH: Formation program enters second year

    At an end-of-term retreat for adult theology and pastoral ministry students, Father Matt Libra had a message: “Jesus revealed his Sacred Heart and not just a sacred mind.”

  • Cracking jokes before breaking bread
    Prior to his retirement this summer, Msgr. Charles Lienert, who recently celebrated his 50th jubilee, laughed and chatted about the day’s menu with Jeffery Kelly, a cook at St. Francis Dining Hall in Southeast Portland.
  • Not natural, not good for couples
    Father Tad Pacholczyk accepted an invitation to one of the most pro-choice, organic-loving states in the union to spread a seemingly audacious message: Artificial birth control is a chemical affront to the natural order and a blockade to full love in marriage.
  • Grant helps nuns deal with aging
    MOUNT ANGEL — As the towering sequoia fronting Queen of Angels Monastery gets older, it gets bigger and stronger. Not so for the two dozen nuns inside.
  • Dissecting public and private prayer
    BROOKINGS — Carol Richardson recalls the Corpus Christi processions from her childhood in Santa Cruz, California — flower girls in white dresses trailing behind a large cloth canopy that shaded the monstrance. The procession gives a sense of awe and wonder, she says. The wonder came back to her as she marched in the Eucharistic procession with the rest of the Star of the Sea parishioners here in June.
  • Sisters of Providence honor 16 jubilarians

    Sixteen Sisters of Providence in the Mother Joseph Province mark 25, 50, 60, 70 and 75 years of religious life Aug. 4 at Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish in Seattle. Seven of that number served in the Archdiocese of Portland or hail from the archdiocese.

  • Prayer for women religious
    In addition to compiling a list of priests serving in the archdiocese, the Archdiocesan Council of Catholic Women now will include lists of religious brothers and sisters, along with deacons and seminarians, in order for the faithful to hold all in their prayers. 
  • Liturgical readings

    Here are the readings through Aug. 19.

  • Archbishop Sample’s schedule

    Here’s what the archbishop is up to for the next few weeks.

  • Finding a faith community
    Lifelong Southern Baptists aren’t known for converting to Catholicism. But that’s exactly what Drew White did. The South Carolina native entered the church this past Easter after finding his faith community at St. Mary Cathedral in Portland.
  • LIFE: Unemployed and underemployed
    Our Catechism asserts, "Remuneration for work should guarantee man the opportunity to provide a dignified livelihood for himself and his family on the material, social, cultural, and spiritual level, taking into account the role and the productivity of each, the state of the business, and the common good.”
  • WATCH: A veteran with traditional views, Fr. Jim Graham fits in

    NORTH BEND — By many measures, Father Jim Graham is a good fit for Oregon’s south coast.

  • August prayer for priests
    “A Year of Prayer for our Priests” is a ministry of the Archdiocesan Council of Catholic Women. We share the joy of this devotion with all Oregon Catholics. A day each month is set aside to pray for the names of priests serving in the Archdiocese of Portland. Please remember them and all priests, deacons and religious in your daily prayers.
  • Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon honor 2018 jubilarians
    BEAVERTON — The Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon recently paid tribute to seven religious sisters who are celebrating significant anniversaries of vowed religious life.
  • Archbishop Sample’s schedule

    Here’s a look at what Archbishop Alexander Sample has been doing the past few weeks.

  • Movie night with Sisters of Reparation
    The Sisters of Reparation are inviting the public to their Southeast Portland convent for a summer movie night. On Friday, July 27, at 6:30 p.m., the sisters will screen “The Staircase,” based on the story of the miraculous stairway at the Sisters of Loretto Chapel in Sante Fe, New Mexico.
  • St. Rita Retreat stations here to stay

    GOLD HILL — An outdoor public Stations of the Cross in Southern Oregon has more staying power.

    A wooded path that helps worshippers participate in the last hours of Jesus’ life now has signs made of ceramic, not laminated paper.

  • New book from USCCB on Pope Francis' vision for permanent diaconate
    WASHINGTON (CNS) — A new book titled "Pope Francis: Deacons — Servants of Charity" available from the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops "draws the reader into the sacred ministry of the diaconate."
  • The Catholic Church: Universal, multicultural
    As a Catholic, you can travel to Rome, Brooklyn, Nairobi, the highlands of Peru, the outback of Australia or Shady Cove, Oregon, and you will find a spiritual home, a community that will welcome you as a brother or sister.