Jason Conger
Jason Conger
Republican U.S. Senate candidate Jason Conger has signed a petition now being circulated to stop public funding for abortion in the state.

“Forcing Oregon taxpayers to spend literally millions of dollars on elective abortions is wrong,” Conger said.  

Conger, a Bend-based attorney and member of the Oregon House of Representatives, joins nearly 55,000 other Oregonians who have already signed initiative petition #6.

Organizers say Conger’s opponent Monica Wehby is the only Oregon GOP candidate for U.S. Senate who has not signed the petition.

If approved by voters, initiative petition #6 would prohibit using public funds for elective, non-medically necessary abortions. Data obtained from the Oregon Health Authority reveals approximately $16 million in state money was spent on more than 38,000 abortions during fiscal years 2002–2003 to 2011-2012.