To reach more people in a modern way with compelling messages of faith, Archbishop Alexander Sample has been appearing in brief videos posted on social media by the Archdiocese of Portland.

The artistry has risen to a high level with the help of consultants Ryan Lovett and Doug Markwell, who formerly worked for Real Life Catholic, the catechetical website led by evangelist Chris Stefanick.

In the videos, the archbishop speaks in a friendly and simple way, in brief sentences, with appealing music playing in the background. Key themes flash on the screen, including at the end of each video, when this message appears: “Jesus changes everything.”

A four part video series on evangelization has begun. In “Gospeling” (, a 90-second video that launched the series Jan. 27, the archbishop explains that evangelization is not about “ramming the Gospel down someone’s throat,” but to live and love in such a way that people see something in you that they want.

The second video, “Sharing our love” (, was posted Feb. 3 and lasts two and half minutes. Archbishop Sample explains that when we are in love, all we want to do is talk to the one we love or talk about the one we love. Jesus is the bridegroom and the church is the bride, he explains, asking, “If we are really in love with him, why don’t we speak about him?”

The archbishop tells listeners that they need no script to evangelize but merely can talk to others about their life with Jesus. “It starts out with sharing your love for another person,” he says.

On Dec. 29, the archbishop offered a two minute, 30 second video on Mary ( that opens with stunning images of the stars and oceans and people reflecting on the heavens.

“God himself was waiting for an answer from a woman. What was she going to say?” the archbishop says as a painting of Mary emerges on screen. “Can you imagine being asked to be the mother of the messiah?”

The archbishop then addresses viewers directly.

“God is waiting for an answer to a question he posed for you and me,” he says tenderly. “What are you going to say? Are you going to say yes? I hope so. Be open. Jesus changes everything.”

In “Be Reborn” (, the archbishop’s Christmas message from December, he says he hopes viewers will let down their guard and allow their hearts to be like a manger where Jesus can rest.

“If you are resisting, just stop. Let him in,” the archbishop says from his living room. “Let him recreate you.”