Offering a version of what he told young people this year during confirmation rites, Archbishop Alexander Sample inspired more than 1,300 online viewers June 4 with a look at the most fundamental of questions: Who am I? Why am I here? What is my life’s greatest desire?

Lamenting the human trend to latch onto and express an external identity like talent, nationality, ethnicity or inclination, he sought a deeper answer to the first question.

“Who are you at the very deepest level, the level of the soul?” he asked, suggesting that many people don’t know.

“You are the beloved son or daughter of the living and loving God,” he answered. “That’s your essential identity. That means more than anything else.”

To answer the second question properly, the archbishop suggested, one must first explore the very notion of existence. Why is there something instead of nothing?

“God did not have to create. There was nothing lacking in God,” the archbishop said. “God created you and God created me in love and for love.”

Gaze at the stars on a dark night, the archbishop told listeners. Though one is but a small part of a speck called Earth, he said, God loves each person more than all those stars and galaxies.

“It’s as if God wanted to give himself a gift. And so he made you,” the archbishop said.

On the third question, the archbishop said everyone wants to be happy and loved. One need only look at the rich and famous to see that material goods and wild living won’t bring happiness and love; many singers, actors and athletes are miserable.

Archbishop Sample said only one personGod can fill that void in the heart — God.

“If we don’t learn that, we try to fill it with all kinds of stuff,” the archbishop said, adding that the attempt will be frustrating because none of it will work. “Our greatest desire should be for the love of God, for his love in us and his love flowing through us to others in that selfless way Jesus taught us to live.”