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  • WATCH: The problem of suffering
    During his Oct. 23 Chapel Chat, Archbishop Alexander Sample took up the theological problem of suffering, which he said poses a chief obstacle to belief in God. In the context of pandemic, racial strife, political division and wild-fires, the archbishop posed the great question: How can an all-knowing, all-powerful God, who is goodness itself, allow suffering?
  • WATCH: Rosary, exorcism held to bring peace and justice to city
    Archbishop Alexander Sample offered a rosary for peace and conducted an exorcism for a city that has witnessed peaceful racial justice protests peppered with riots for more than four months.
  • Archbishop urges thoughtful voting
    Archbishop Alexander Sample on Oct. 9 appealed to voters to explore issues deeply and apply the principles of natural law before casting ballots.
  • Archbishop encourages young, healthy Catholics back to Eucharist
    In his Oct. 2 online Chapel Chat, Archbishop Alexander Sample invited and urged Catholics to return to Mass if they are able.

  • WATCH: Archbishop Sample sees Santiam Canyon fire damage close up
    “It’s easy for me to tell you to have no anxiety, not to worry. I didn’t lose my home,” the archbishop said that afternoon during Mass at Immaculate Conception Parish here. “But I bring a message of hope to all of you: The Lord tells us not to be anxious, to trust in him.”
  • Archbishop visits those affected by Riverside Fire
    Portland Archbishop Alexander Sample celebrated Mass and visited the people at St. Aloysius Church here Sept. 26, as residents returned to their homes after more than two weeks of evacuation in the face of the Riverside Fire.
  • WATCH: Archbishop to fire victims: ‘You are not alone’
    Archbishop Alexander Sample visited Southern Oregon Sept. 19-20 to meet some of the hundreds of people who lost homes earlier in the month to powerful wind-driven fires.
  • WATCH: Archbishop en route to visit fire victims
    Archbishop Alexander Sample is on his way to Southern Oregon Sept. 19 to be with the people who have lost their homes and suffered because of fires.
  • Archbishop condemns racism, supports police
    In a Sept. 4 talk livestreamed from his home chapel, Archbishop Alexander Sample reiterated his views on racial justice, Portland protests and police. Some readers misunderstood his past comments, and media presented his views without enough context, he said.

  • WATCH — Archbishop: Church authority has divine origin
    Archbishop Alexander Sample reminded worshippers Aug. 23 that the church’s authority comes from Jesus and cannot be easily dismissed.

    Sunday Mass from the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception from Archdiocese of Portland, Oregon on Vimeo.

    Archbishop Alexander Sample takes a turn hefting boxes of food for needy people Aug. 11 at St. Cecilia Parish in Beaverton.
  • ‘God has plans for us’
    God is asking people of faith to be signs of hope in troubled times, Archbishop Alexander Sample said during an Aug. 7 livestreamed talk from his home chapel.

    Chapel Chats with Archbishop Alexander Sample from Archdiocese of Portland, Oregon on Vimeo.

  • Archbishop calls for end to violence, return to effort for justice
    As the national spotlight landed on his city and its ongoing protests, Portland Archbishop Alexander Sample on July 24 made a plea for citizens to leave violence behind and return to a campaign for racial justice.
  • Through Christ, repairing our relationship with creation

    I love the outdoors, and the pristine and clean environment of much of Oregon, both east and west of the Cascades. The times that I can mountain bike in Forest Park, muddy or dry, are moments to cherish. I have hiked in the Columbia River Gorge and fished for salmon in the Multnomah Channel. (Yes, I caught a big one.) I have even floated the wild and scenic Rogue River.

  • A Christmas story (well, sort of)
    I hope you will indulge me this Christmas by allowing me to speak very personally. This will be the second Christmas without my dear mother, Joyce, and I must confess that I have really been missing her lately. I know that many of you find the holiday season difficult because of the loss of a loved one during this time of year, or simply because Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s evoke so many memories of happy times with them.
  • What is ‘evangelization’?
    We hear a lot these days in the Church about evangelization. Pope St. John Paul II first introduced us to the idea that we need a “new evangelization” in our time, but many don’t know that Pope St. Paul VI had himself already spoken much about evangelization, especially in his Apostolic Exhortation, “Evangelii Nuntiandi” (1975). And of course Pope Francis speaks forcefully about the need for evangelization, emphasizing the call for each of us to become “missionary disciples.”
  • From time to time the question arises in some people’s minds as to what it really means to be a Catholic. It seems there are various interpretations in answer to this question. The topic of this column is sparked to some extent by the subject of my last column on the Pew Research study of Catholic faith in the holy Eucharist.
  • A crisis of eucharistic faith
    Many of you by now have seen the results of a recent Pew Research Center survey of Catholics regarding their belief in the Holy Eucharist. The results are, in my mind, alarming and very disturbing.
  • The USCCB and the sex abuse crisis
    Perhaps some of you are getting tired of hearing about the sexual abuse crisis plaguing the Church, but my sense is that most of you want to be kept informed about how the leadership of the Church is addressing this current scandalous situation. As a follow-up to my last column, I want to explain to you the actions taken by the United States bishops at our June meeting.
  • Pope Francis’ new law concerning the sexual abuse crisis
    Most of you are aware by now that Pope Francis has recently issued an Apostolic Letter in the form of a motu proprio that addresses in a significant way the current sexual abuse crisis plaguing the Church. Being issued in the form of a motu proprio means that the Holy Father is making these new directives universal law for the whole Church throughout the world. As I said in my initial statement upon the release of the pope’s letter, I am very encouraged by the Holy Father’s action.
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