Storytelling evangelizer Mary Sharon Moore has released two spoken-word albums this summer, hoping to inspire people at a time when retreats are hard to find.

Titled “Living as Jesus Taught” and “Free to be Free,” the works draw on her experiences trying to manage during the pandemic.

Moore credits her faith community at St. Thomas More Parish in Eugene for challenging her to embrace the Gospel more clearly — which led her to donate her car to charity and not replace it, and to a Sunday sandwich ministry in downtown Eugene.

Moore admits that the pandemic, which wiped out her speaking events, nudged her to reimagine how she might still reach audiences with messages of hope, compassion and joy.

Her spoken-word recording sessions were born.

People in the community had been urging her to offer more stories after they heard her talk about an encounter with Mama Carrie, who died unsheltered on a bitter winter night.

“Remembering Mama Carrie” appears on her “Living as Jesus Taught” album.

Both digital albums and individual tracks are ready to sample and download at, where author-direct CD versions are also available. All tracks also are available on streaming and digital platforms.