Archbishop Alexander Sample on Sept. 25 sought help for the future of the church in western Oregon.

New priests are needed as prophetic voices and to bring God’s presence in the sacraments, Archbishop Sample said at a Mass that launched the annual Seminarian Appeal.

It takes about $1 million per year for the education, formation and support of future priests, the archbishop explained during a liturgy livestreamed from St. Mary Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception.

There currently are 29 seminarians in formation for the archdiocese.

“If I am going to provide you with pastors, I need your help and your support,” the archbishop told worshippers and online viewers. “Everybody thinks the Catholic Church is loaded and we have lots of money lying around. We don’t. We need you.”

Choosing leaders, and then adding more help, is a pattern in God’s action, the archbishop said. It happened in the time of Moses, when Jesus selected his apostles, and in the early church when the Twelve found more shepherds, or priests. The trend continues.

Archbishop Sample said he cannot care for the 450,000 Catholics in western Oregon alone and urged generosity for future priests.

“These men are laying down their lives — setting aside whatever other worldly pursuits they could have had in life to dedicate themselves with their whole heart, mind, soul and strength to serve you,” the archbishop said, adding that seminarians feel loved and supported when people give to the campaign.

Two seminarians helped as altar servers. In the congregation were parents of seminarians.