Prayer for Servants of the Church is a ministry of the Archdiocesan Council of Catholic Women. A day each month is set aside to pray for a priest — along with a deacon, woman religious, seminarian or brother — serving in the Archdiocese of Portland. Please remember them, and all who serve the church, in your daily prayers.

O Jesus, I pray for your faithful and fervent priests and servants of the church especially (two names here). Keep them close to your heart and bless them abundantly in time and eternity. Amen.

Jan. 1 — Fr. Anthony Ahamefule, St. Mary of Oregon Sr. Delores Adelman

Jan. 2 — Apostle of Jesus Fr. Macdonald Akuti, Franciscan Sr. Mary Angela Aldi

Jan. 3 — Fr. Justus Alaeto, St. Mary of Oregon Sr. Adele Marie Altenhofen

Jan. 4 — Fr. Brian Allbright, Holy Names Sr. Rosemary Antonich

Jan. 5 — Fr. Anthony Alles, Maronite Monk of Jesus, Mary and Joseph; Holy Names Sr. Agnes Bachmeier

Jan. 6 — Fr. Suresh Amalraj, Holy Names Sr. Margaret Ball

Jan. 7 — Jesuit Fr. Bill Ameche, Franciscan Sr. Marilyn Barry

Jan. 8 — Fr. Eric Andersen, St. Mary of Oregon Sr. Joyce Barsotti

Jan. 9 — Fr. Fred Anthony, Holy Names Sr. Magdalen Basick

Jan. 10 — Holy Cross Fr. Bob Antonelli, Holy Names Sr. Caryl Bastasch

Jan. 11 — Fr. Michael Jeeva Antony, Holy Names Sr. Brigid Baumann

Jan. 12 — Holy Spirit Fr. Peter Arteaga, St. Mary of Oregon Sr. Ellen Therese Berger

Jan. 13 — Fr. Nazario Atukunda, Holy Names Sr. Joan Berger

Jan. 14 — Fr. Mark Bachmeier, Oblate Sr. Siria Bernal

Jan. 15 — Fr. Scott Baier, Holy Names Sr. Judy Bertoli

Jan. 16 — Trappist Fr. Casey Bailey, Holy Names Sr. Mary Bertoli

Jan. 17 — Apostolic Life Fr. Joseph Barita, Benedictine Sr. Dorothy Jean Beyer

Jan. 18 — Fr. Lalo Barragán, Franciscan Sr. Catherine Biehl

Jan. 19 — Fr. Bob Barricks, Holy Names Sr. Carol Bird

Jan. 20 — Jesuit Fr. Michael Bayard, Providence Sr. Margaret Bischoff

Jan. 21 — Fr. Manuel Becerra, Benedictine Sr. Judith Bloxham

Jan. 22 — Holy Cross Fr. Michael Belinski, Good Shepherd Sr. Cathleen Boerboom

Jan. 23 — Dominican Fr. Vincent Benoit, St. Mary of Oregon Sr. Kathleen Boyd

Jan. 24 — Fr. Mark Bentz, Sr. for Christian Community Judith Brandt

Jan. 25 — Holy Cross Fr. Richard Berg, Holy Names Sr. Barbara Bray

Jan. 26 — Holy Cross Fr. George Bernard, Holy Names Sr. Mary Breiling

Jan. 27 — Msgr. Joseph Betschart, Franciscan Sr. Helen Jean Brinkman

Jan. 28 — Fr. John Betts, Holy Names Sr. Sally Brown

Jan. 29 — Fr. Michael Biewend, Lovers of the Holy Cross Sr. Maria Thao Bui

Jan. 30 — Jesuit Fr. Craig Boly, Lovers of the Holy Cross Sr. Maria Tuyen Bui

Jan. 31 — Fr. Fredy Bonilla-Moreno, Adorers of the Holy Cross Sr. Mary Kim Chi Bui