Prayer for Servants of the Church is a ministry of the Archdiocesan Council of Catholic Women. A day each month is set aside to pray for a priest — along with a deacon, woman religious, seminarian or brother — serving in the Archdiocese of Portland. Please remember them, and all who serve the church, in your daily prayers.

O Jesus, I pray for your faithful and fervent priests and servants of the church especially (two names here). Keep them close to your heart and bless them abundantly in time and eternity. Amen.

Sept. 1 — Missionaries of the Holy Spirit Fr. Agustin Rodriguez, Sisters of Mary of Kakamega Sr. Dorothy Radoli

Sept. 2 — Fr. Arturo Romero, Holy Names Sr. Cecilia Ranger

Sept. 3 — Missionaries of the Holy Spirit Fr. Juan Romero, Holy Names Sr. Dolores Rashford

Sept. 4 — Fr. Dick Rossman, Benedictine Sr. Christine Rausch

Sept. 5 — Fr. Stephen Rowan, Benedictine Sr. Dorothy Rausch

Sept. 6 — Missionaries of the Holy Spirit Fr. Alexandro Rubio, Benedictine Sr. Regina Rausch

Sept. 7 — Fr. Henry Rufo, Holy Names Sr. Mary Ann Rawson

Sept. 8 — Holy Cross Fr. Richard Rutherford, Holy Names Sr. Barbara Raymond

Sept. 9 — Missionaries of the Holy Spirit Fr. Roberto Saldivar, Holy Names Sr. Mollie Reavis

Sept. 10 — Dominican Fr. Paschal Salisbury, Holy Names Sr. Mary Richard

Sept. 11 — Fr. Ken Sampson, Holy Names Sr. Farroel Richardson

Sept. 12 — Fr. Edwin Sanchez, Mercy Sr. Mary Jeanita Richter

Sept. 13 — Jesuit Fr. Scott Santarosa, Holy Names Sr. Vivian Ripp

Sept. 14 — Fr. Rock Sassano, Sister of Charity Linda Roby

Sept. 15 — Fr. David Schiferl, Missionaries of the Rosary of Fatima Sr. Manuela Romero

Sept. 16 — Holy Cross Fr. Jeffrey Schneibel, Holy Names Sr. Annemarie Rotter

Sept. 17 — Fr. Karl Schray, Holy Names Sr. Janet Ryan

Sept. 18 — Fr. Elwin Schwab, Holy Names Sr. Mary Patricia Ryan

Sept. 19 — Benedictine Fr. Andrew Schwenke, Holy Names Sr. Joan Saalfeld

Sept. 20 — Fr. Joseph Sebasty, Holy Names Sr. Helen Sandoz

Sept. 21 — Fr. Juan Pablo Segura, Holy Names Sr. Sue Schaad

Sept. 22 — Fr. Panneer Selvam, Benedictine Sr. Alice Ann Schaefer

Sept. 23 — Dominican Fr. Joseph Sergott, Franciscan Sr. Loretta Schaff

Sept. 24 — Fr. David Shaw, Good Shepherd Sr. Elizabeth (Liz) Schille

Sept. 25 — Jesuit Fr. Anthony Sholander, Benedictine Sr. Marietta Schindler

Sept. 26 — Fr. Les Sieg, St. Mary of Oregon Sr. Colleen Schmitt

Sept. 27 — Servite Fr. Donald Siple, Holy Names Sr. Marilyn Schroeder

Sept. 28 — Fr. Richard Sirianni, Franciscan Sr. Veronica Schueler

Sept. 29 — Benedictine Fr. Edmund Smith, St. Mary of Oregon Sr. Evelyn Schwall

Sept. 30 — Servite Fr. Eugene Smith, St. Mary of Oregon Sr. Janet Slingerland