Prayer for Servants of the Church is a ministry of the Archdiocesan Council of Catholic Women. A day each month is set aside to pray for a priest — along with a deacon, woman religious, seminarian or brother — serving in the Archdiocese of Portland. Please remember them, and all who serve the church, in your daily prayers.

O Jesus, I pray for your faithful and fervent priests and servants of the church especially (two names here). Keep them close to your heart and bless them abundantly in time and eternity. Amen.

Feb. 1 — Fr. Fredy Bonilla-Moreno, Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon Sr. Theresa Ann Bunker

Feb. 2 — Fr. John Boyle, Sisters of Reparation Sr. Mary Immaculate Bunty

Feb. 3 — Servite Fr. Richard Boyle, Sisters of Reparation Mother Mary of the Angels Bunty

Feb. 4 — Msgr. Patrick Brennan, Holy Names Sr. Kate Buzard

Feb. 5 — Fr. Francisco Bringuela, Jr., Holy Names Sr. Rita Carey

Feb. 6 — Fr. Gregg Bronsema, Missionaries of the Rosary of Fatima Sr. Guadalupe Carrillo

Feb. 7 — Fr. John Brouillard, Benedictine Sr. Susan Casey

Feb. 8 — Fr. David Brown, Holy Names Sr. JoJean Cavalli

Feb. 9 — Fr. Jon Buffington, Benedictine Sr. Donna Marie Chartraw

Feb. 10 — Msgr. Donald Buxman, Franciscan Sr. Mary Jo Chaves

Feb. 11 — Benedictine Fr. Teresio Caldwell, Franciscan Sr. Celeste Clavel

Feb. 12 — Fr. José Manuel Campos, Franciscan Sr. Mary Coakley

Feb. 13 — Dominican Fr. Garry Cappleman, Holy Names Sr. Carolyn Coleman

Feb. 14 — Fr. Raymond Carey, Holy Names Sr. Barbara Collier

Feb. 15 — Fr. Francis Chun, Society of the Holy Child Jesus Sr. Kathleen Cordes

Feb. 16 — Msgr. John Cihak, Holy Names Sr. Mary Courtman

Feb. 17 — Missionaries of the Holy Spirit Fr. Gerardo Cisneros, Sisters of St. Mary Sr. Michael Francine Duncan

Feb. 18 — Fr. David Clark, Sisters of Mercy Sr. M. Georgita Cunningham

Feb. 19 — Jesuit Fr. Kevin Clarke, Adorers of the Holy Cross Sr. Maria Quynh Nhu Dang

Feb. 20 — Augustinian Fr. James Clifford, Society of the Holy Child Jesus Sr. Ruth Dawley

Feb. 21 — Fr. Joshua Clifton, Franciscan Sr. Mary Margaret Delaski

Feb. 22 — Fr. Stephen Clovis, Holy Names Sr. Maureen Delaney

Feb. 23 — Jesuit Fr. Paul Cochran, Dominican Sr. Carol Dempsey, Ph.D

Feb. 24 — Fr. Ed Coleman, Holy Names Sr. Mary Dernovek

Feb. 25 — Fr. James Coleman, Sisters for Christian Community Sr. Bernadetta Devlaeminck

Feb. 26 — Fr. John Congdon, Adorers of the Holy Cross Sr. Cecilia Thanh Tu Doan

Feb. 27 — Fr. Brent Crowe, Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon Sr. Julie Doan

Feb. 28 — Fr. David Cullings, Adorers of the Holy Cross Sr. Mary Josephine Thai Phuong Doan