Prayer for Servants of the Church is a ministry of the Archdiocesan Council of Catholic Women. A day each month is set aside to pray for a priest — along with a deacon, woman religious, seminarian or brother — serving in the Archdiocese of Portland. Please remember them, and all who serve the church, in your daily prayers.

O Jesus, I pray for your faithful and fervent priests and servants of the church especially (two names here). Keep them close to your heart and bless them abundantly in time and eternity. Amen.

April 1 — Fr. Stephen Geer, Society of Mary Sr. Teresa Harrell

April 2 — Dominican Fr. David Geib, St. Mary of Oregon Sr. Mary Ann Hathaway

April 3 — Holy Cross Fr. Mark Ghyselinck, St. Mary of Oregon Sr. Theresa Hathaway

April 4 — Fr. Mark Gikenyi, Holy Names Sr. Kathleen Hearn

April 5 — Jesuit Fr. Michael Gilson, Holy Names Sr. Kathleen Hecht

April 6 — Fr. José Luis González, Holy Names Sr. Elizabeth Hecker

April 7 — Missionaries of the Holy Spirit Fr. Juan Gonzalez, St. Mary of Oregon Sr. Elma Heesacker

April 8 — Holy Cross Fr. Charles Gordon, Providence Sr. Jeanette Heindl

April 9 — Fr. Jim Graham, St. Mary of Oregon Sr. Rose Mary Heineck

April 10 — Benedictine Fr. Martin Grassel, Franciscan Sr. María Benedicta Hemminger

April 11 — Fr. Henry Guillen-Vega, Benedictine Sr. Miriam Hendrikson

April 12 — Fr. Aniceto Guiriba, Benedictine Sr. Judith Henigin

April 13 — Fr. Dave Gutmann, Benedictine Sr. Theresa Henscheid

April 14 — Fr. Don Gutmann, Holy Names Sr. Kathleen Hepner

April 15 — Servite Fr. Leo Hambur, St. Mary of Oregon Sr. Charlene Herinckx

April 16 — Holy Cross Fr. Pat Hannon, Oblates of St. Martha Sr. Umbelina Hernández Ortiz

April 17 — Benedictine Fr. Pius X Harding, St. Mary of Oregon Sr. Catherine Hertel

April 18 — Franciscan Fr. Michael Harvey, Holy Names Sr. Jane Hibbard

April 19 — Dominican Fr. Kieren Healy, Holy Names Sr. Carol Higgins

April 20 — Fr. John Henderson, Holy Names Sr. Kathleen Hilton

April 21 — Franciscan Fr. Jorge Hernandez, Adorers of the Holy Cross Sr. Joanna Thanh Nga

April 22 — Fr. James Herrera, Adorers of the Holy Cross Sr. Mary Kim Nhung Hoang

April 23 — Fr. Joseph Heuberger, Franciscan Sr. Rose Marie Holden

April 24 — Fr. Noel Hickie, Franciscan Sr. Emma Holdener

April 25 — Fr. Joseph Hoang, Holy Names Sr. Mary Ellen Holohan

April 26 — Fr. Peter Nhat Hoang, Franciscan Sr. Grace Marie Horan

April 27 — Fr. Charles Holden, Franciscan Sr. Dorothy Hood

April 28 — Fr. Bill Holtzinger, Holy Names Sr. Donna Hortsch

April 29 — Holy Cross Fr. Thomas Hosinski, Jesus the Saviour Sr. Mary Fidel Ike

April 30 — Fr. Kenneth Hume, Good Shepherd Sr. Carmel Irving