Chris Stefanick
Chris Stefanick
Lent 2021 will be different, and staff at the Archdiocese of Portland Pastoral Center are connecting parishioners to a new way to go on a spiritual journey.

“The Search” is a seven-part series from the Augustine Institute in suburban Denver. Parishioners can watch online videos, engage in discussions together, and then take part in live Wednesday sessions in which Catholic evangelist Chris Stefanick and a guest bishop explore the big issues of life: Why am I here? What is life all about? What happens after I die?

Archbishop Alexander Sample is set to be Stefanick’s guest on March 10.

“This past year has been difficult, at times divisive, and tiring,” says a writeup from the archdiocese. “The season of Lent calls us to slow down, set aside our worries and concerns, and invest in what’s most important.”

Parish leaders are promoting small groups for The Search.

The series gets accessed via the catechetical site FORMED, which requires a subscription. Those who attend parishes that subscribe to FORMED can access The Search for free, and individuals not at a parish with a subscription can sign up for $34.95.

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