BEAVERTON — St. Mary of Oregon Sister Delores Adelman has long assisted children in need of clothing. For the past four years, she has made dresses for youngsters in Haiti, teaming up with volunteers from Holy Family parish in Pasadena, California.

While that project is paused because of the pandemic, Haitian politics and a recent earthquake, Sister Delores searched out another way to serve. She connected with Missionary of Jesus Sister Norma Pimentel, who directs Catholic Charities at the Texas-Mexico border and works with immigrant children, many of whom need clothing. Sister Delores also found a Catholic Charities respite center near San Juan in the Brownsville Diocese, Texas. She had already made and sent 50 dresses for girls in need at the border when, this summer, she presented the activity to the entire Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon community and invited all sisters to share in the project through prayer, cutting fabric, sewing, writing notes in Spanish to children and mothers, and packing dresses to mail.

Work sessions began with prayer. Sisters Thanh Pham and Maria Kieu Tran led the community in the song “Who Will Speak if We Don’t?” The pair shared stories and facts about refugees, asylum-seekers and immigrants, especially children, arriving at the U.S. southern border. The community of sisters prayed for the end of situations fueling migration and for the establishment of just U.S. laws and procedures at the border. They prayed for political and religious leadership in building God’s kingdom of peace, justice, opportunity, equality and abiding respect for others.

Then, with Sister Delores’s direction, the sisters went to work. During the morning, Sister Alison Green shared her mission trip to San Juan, Texas. She explained that the lively faith of people at the Basilica of Our Lady of San Juan del Valle was the highlight of her pilgrimage.

“Mary always finds a way to match people in need with those who can and wish to help,” Sister Alison said.