Q—In 1992 I wrote to Mother Teresa of Calcutta. I received a letter back thanking me for my prayers. I still have the letter,
envelope and a Miraculous Medal she sent me. They are framed and hang in my sewing room.

Now that she is to be canonized, this letter holds even more important meaning to me.  I am curious about what I should do with such a relic directly from the saint? I know I should get it in a better frame with UV protection but beyond that I’m not sure what, if anything, should be done with it.  I would love some advice. 

And, should I insure it? I’m sure there are thousands of similar relics sitting in peoples homes all over the world.

A — Saints are very important in Catholic life and spirituality. Their images in our places of worship are like a family portrait album. They remind us of what we human beings have it in us, through God’s grace, to become.

So, the Church rejoices in the forthcoming canonization of Blessed Teresa. She is a wonderful example of what it means to be a Christian and she is a summons to virtuous action to all of us.

To possess a letter from her as well as a medal is a powerful connection to her in our Communion of Saints. It surely deserves a reverential place in your life of prayer and in your home. Such powerful connections with sanctity have nothing to do with insurance policies, but much to do with personal growth in holiness.