Q — Is a tattoo acceptable? A friend of mine is upset because he got a tattoo of our Lady of Guadalupe in the chest. But as a catechumen in a church he has been asked to have it covered or deleted. What do you think?
A — The first thing to say is that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with tattoos as such. It’s not against Holy Scripture or the teaching of the Catholic Church. Second, it’s really a matter of personal taste. There is a Latin tag that runs de gustibus non est disputandum/there can be no dispute about tastes. Some people like tattoos. Some people don’t. Now it would be a different situation if a tattoo represented an anti-Christian sentiment. Our Lady of Guadalupe, on the other hand, is a powerful and evocative symbol of Catholic devotion. Having such a tattoo on your chest is a little tricky! It would seem to me that catechumens or fully initiated Christians would not be displaying bare chests in a Christian assembly. So, it’s difficult to see what the problem is in this situation.