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  • Albany Knights donate to Special Olympics
    On Dec. 4, athletes and Linn County Special Olympics representatives received a check for $1,262 from the Knights’ financial secretary Gary Haworth at our Lady of Perpetual Help Church in Albany. 
Go ahead, ask tough questions
    A handful of western Oregon parishes are creating time and space for hospitality, friendship and candid investigation of life and Christianity.
  • ‘No logical connection’ between celibacy and abuse, CDF official says
    VATICAN CITY — A senior official at the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has defended clerical celibacy in the wake of the abuse crisis. 
    In an essay published in a Spanish magazine, Fr. Jordi Bertomeu Farnós said that there is “no evidence” celibacy has any relation to instances of sexual abuse, and warned that priests have been unfairly branded a suspect class.
  • Love and Mercy: Faustina
    NEW YORK (CNS) — During Advent, Catholics are invited to look for ways to prepare spiritually for the coming of Christ at Christmas. Experiencing the gentleness of God through learning more about St. Faustina and the devotion to the Divine Mercy might just be the perfect way to do so.
  • Ancient Greece and Rome perceived gods and heroes aplenty, all with big egos struggling with one another cataclysmically. Judaism revealed the truth of a single all-powerful God in constant relationship with his people.

Archbishop tells Vincentians: ‘Be the face of Christ’
TIGARD — Earlier in the day, Cyndi Kelly of St. Henry Parish in Gresham had paid a hotel bill for a woman just out of surgery.
Oregon woman shares her journey from spiritual crisis to consecrated virginity
In one of the oldest rites of the church, Miriam Marston will be consecrated to God — “mystically espoused to Christ and dedicated to the service of the church,” according to the Code of Canon Law.
Friday night at the monastery
Monthly young adult evening retreats at Mount Angel Abbey include prayer, monastic hospitality, learning about faith and sips of Benedictine brew
Music on the hilltop
ST. BENEDICT — In Damian Hall at the seminary here, Myrna Keough leads Deacon Raymond Philip Napuli through a practice of a Gregorian chant, Ave Verum Corpus. Keough sits at her piano tapping out the notes and reassessing the key in which the chant should be sung at the upcoming Mass of candidacy. Napuli stands behind her, gripping the sides of his music stand, gently following along with the music. He will chant the music with the rest of the seminary choir in a few short weeks.
Archbishop Sample ordains three men to the diaconate
‘For the service of the word of God, for the service of the altar and for the service of charity’
  • What is ‘evangelization’?
    Most Rev. Alexander Sample
    We hear a lot these days in the Church about evangelization. Pope St. John Paul II first introduced us to the idea that we need a “new evangelization” in our time, but many don’t know that Pope St. Paul VI had himself already spoken much about evangelization, especially in his Apostolic Exhortation, “Evangelii Nuntiandi” (1975). And of course Pope Francis speaks forcefully about the need for evangelization, emphasizing the call for each of us to become “missionary disciples.”
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