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  • Archbishop: Taking COVID-19 vaccine morally permissible
    Archbishop Alexander Sample on Jan. 13 issued a letter assuring Catholics that receiving inoculations against COVID-19 is morally permissible, especially the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.
  • Novena for life under way
    The Archdiocese of Portland is promoting 9 Days for Life, a novena provided by the U.S. Catholic bishops for the time around the anniversary of Roe v. Wade.
L’Arche shed pinched
    A Catholic-inspired community that includes people with disabilities got bad news at year’s end. The Christmas tree sale shed/trailer used by L’Arche during its annual fundraiser in Northeast Portland was stolen.
  • Archbishop joins nation’s bishops in praying for President Biden
    “As we face the moral, social and political challenges ahead for our nation, I encourage all Catholics to pray for our new president,” Archbishop Alexander Sample said on inauguration day.
  • St. Andrew Parish announces 2021 Martin Luther King Jr. service awards
    St. Andrew Parish presented its annual Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. service awards following Mass Sunday, Jan. 17. Each year, the Northeast Portland parish honors people whose service embodies the values taught by King, who used nonviolence, civil disobedience and Christian teaching to advance the cause of civil rights in the United States.
  • Woman lost in landslide
    The woman who died when her car was buried under 15 feet of cascading Columbia River Gorge mud Jan. 13 was a member of St. Henry Parish in Gresham.
  • Local Catholic to spend his 23rd birthday on 24 hour benefit run
    An Oregon man is set to run around the clock for the benefit of ministry at Blanchet House of Hospitality in Portland.
  • ‘What did God make you to do?’
    Jake Coleman — who attended St. Clare School in Southwest Portland, Jesuit High School and the University of Notre Dame — said the calling strengthened as he matured and came to know himself better. He hit that time of life when young adults confront their weaknesses; for him, the process revealed that he deeply needs Christ.
  • Tech-whizz heroes
    Many professionals rightly have been dubbed heroes of the pandemic, and schools’ tech whizzes — those who’ve ensured teachers could teach and students could learn — should likely be counted in that esteemed mix. For almost a year, Catholic school students in Oregon and nationwide have reaped the benefits of these often behind-the-scenes experts whose jobs have taken on a new significance.
  • More worshippers allowed at Oregon Masses
    Late last month Archbishop Alexander Sample changed directives for Mass attendance, increasing previous capacity limits while reaffirming other safety protocols.
‘A grace in it all’: Parents reflect on nearly a year navigating work and distance learning
    Working parents regularly juggle the stresses of their jobs and the needs of their children. They are prepared to work all day, make supper, then toss in a load of laundry before helping a high schooler tackle a thorny math problem or tracking down a glue stick for a kindergartner’s art project. But what’s it like to manage such demands simultaneously nearly every day for almost a year?
    Here are the Sentinel’s most-read stories from 2020.
  • New provincial named for Jesuits
    Jesuits in the western United States will have a new leader as of the end of July. Jesuit Father Sean Carroll, who has been working with migrants along the U.S.-Mexico border, will be new provincial of Jesuits West, which includes scores of priests in Oregon.
  • Getting through a time of loss
    Who’s going to take in his old dog? Did he have a will? What about his Facebook page? And the bills? Survivors are often at a loss to answer questions like these at a time of loss. 
  • Oregon March for Life postponed
    Oregon Right to Life has postponed the state’s annual March for Life because of spiking COVID-19 rates and soaring political tensions.
  • Zomi funeral traditions remind families they are not alone
    In the old days, the sharp report of a gun alerted Zomi villagers in Myanmar (formerly Burma) that there had been a death. If the deceased had been a Christian, my ancestors would also have heard the church’s bells — either from the Catholic church or the Protestant. For animists, the gun blast would join the throb of big drums. 
  • Digital music library making life easier for church musicians
    A Portland-based liturgical publisher is making life simpler for a hardworking genre — parish musicians.
  • Founding family
    One of Oregon’s oldest Catholic families has weathered travails, fostered the faith and expanded for two centuries. The Belleques, many of whom still live near historic French Prairie, have integrated the voyageur’s drive to explore with an Indigenous rootedness in the land.
  • St. Cecilia’s St. Vincent de Paul hustles to help with funds for fire-ravaged communities, food boxes for needy
    BEAVERTON — The St. Vincent de Paul conference at St. Cecilia Parish hasn’t let the pandemic thwart its service work. Instead the group ramped up its commitment to aid others.
  • DACA applications to begin again
    A federal judge last month ordered the Trump administration to reinstate Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. The program withholds immigration enforcement against migrants brought into the country as children without authorization.
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