CORVALLIS — June was an especially busy month for Knights of Columbus state historian Tom Radel — at least at his day job handling surplus property at Oregon State University.

June is when students move out, leaving tons of items — this year 10 tons — to be donated to local non-profit groups.

“We had about 3,500 students move out of university housing,” Radel said. “Several brother Knights from District 7 volunteered to help move and process all of the items left by students.”

Radel said the job is so massive it’s held at the Benton County Fairgrounds.

What do the students leave behind?

Radel said everything from furniture to food, computers, electronics, cleaning supplies and clothes.

“By donating 10 tons to local non-profits we kept about 99% of the materials out of landfills and got them back into area communities to help needy people.”

Radel’s crew filled 50 boxes measuring 4-feet by 4-feet.

Paul is communications director for the Oregon Knights of Columbus.