"If you want peace, work for justice." Pope Paul VI

On a beautiful Saturday morning, this past weekend, Oregon Peace Builders together with Habitat for Humanity met with several families to dedicate a Peace Pole for their new community at Alder Commons in Hillsboro. Although the groups dedicated the peace pole, it has not yet been planted because the site is not ready.

As leaders announced the location, a mother spoke up with excitement: “That is in my yard and my most fervent wish for this new home has been to be part of a community and to live in peace in this new community.”

Others agreed that this new community will provide the opportunity for their children to grow up in peace and security. As homeowners expressed their wishes for peace, their children ran about blowing bubbles and getting to know each other. To conclude the ceremony, all joined in singing "Let There Be Peace on Earth." Peace, it seems, begins with one small group of people, sharing their faith.

Oregon Peace Builders is an interfaith group of women dedicated to promoting unity in communities by providing opportunities to learn about peace through the lens of justice, equality, nonviolence and the common good.