The Archdiocese of Portland is promoting 9 Days for Life, a novena provided by the U.S. Catholic bishops for the time around the anniversary of Roe v. Wade. The novena focuses on protecting life. It comes in both English and Spanish at no cost and covers care for mothers and children, the adoption option, mercy and intercession for a change in the hearts of political leaders. The novena runs Jan. 21-29.

“Christ invites us to embrace our own lives and the lives of others as true gifts,” says the reflection for day one.

In addition to prayers and acts of reparation, the novena material suggests concrete action for each day, such as reading an article and learning steps to help parents with unplanned pregnancies.

Deacon Kevin Welch, director of pastoral ministry for the archdiocese, is urging parishes and parishioners to take part.

To find the novena, go here.