After learning that the cover art on two of its publications depicted an angel associated with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Oregon Catholic Press is issuing new versions of the publications to all clients with alternate art. The image was used on “Today’s Missal Music Issue,” which includes texts of liturgies with accompanying music, and “Respond & Acclaim,” a collection of psalms and Gospel acclamations.

“We ask for your forgiveness, prayers and Christian charity,” said Wade Wisler, publisher of OCP, in a statement to customers. “We will be following up with affected customers to make things right.”

The original artwork was of an angel standing on a golden sphere, blowing a horn and holding a gold box or book. Mormons associate these details with the Angel Moroni, whom they believe appeared to Joseph Smith, founder of the religion.

Wisler said the Portland-based company was not aware of the association with the Latter-day Saints; the artwork was not labeled as Moroni. A Catholic priest who grew up Mormon was among the first to raise concerns about the image.

“Upon further reflection, we should have done more research, and we apologize for this embarrassing mistake,” Wisler said. “We would never knowingly use an image that is not authentically Catholic on our publications.”

OCP, one of the largest publishers of Catholic liturgical music in the country, is finalizing plans “to ensure this never happens again,” said Wisler.

OCP is publisher of the Catholic Sentinel and El Centinela.