Archdiocese of Portland officials have told western Oregon Catholic parishes to rescind charters with Boy Scout troops and related organizations like Webelos and Cub Scouts.

Oregon parishes have chartered Scout troops for more than a century. The movement reached a zenith in the 1950s and 60s.

Parishes can still let troops use parish facilities, but the troops should be chartered elsewhere, said a July 1 memo to parishes from Deacon Kevin Welch, director of pastoral ministries for the archdiocese, and G. Kevin Kiely, general counsel.

Faced with sexual abuse suits from decades-old cases, Boy Scouts of America is going through chapter 11 bankruptcy. The July 1 memo said parishes should not take on the new financial and administrative responsibilities that are part of the Boy Scouts’ updated operating procedures.

Parishes that now hold troop charters should rescind them, said the memo. Parish troops have until the end of 2021 to find other charter organizations.

“Parishes may elect to execute a facilities use agreement with separately chartered local troops for continuing use of parish property, subject to the parish’s normal practices and insurance requirements for use by independent third parties,” the memo said.

Asked for comment, leaders of the Boy Scouts in western Oregon deferred to the national office, which sent a statement.

Staff have been working hard to compensate survivors while ensuring the future of scouting, the statement said. In negotiations with abuse survivors’ representatives, a plan is emerging that includes protections for the overall Boy Scouts as well as local councils and chartered organizations such as parishes.

But according to the statement, some cost of settlement could fall on the charter groups.

“We expect the trust that will be established under the plan to compensate survivors will be funded with a significant portion of the BSA’s remaining unrestricted assets and contributions from local councils, the assignment to the trust of certain valuable BSA and local council insurance rights, and potential contributions from settling insurers and participating chartered organizations,” the statement said. “Insurance and chartered organization contributions are presently undetermined, but the parties are continuing to engage in active mediation to explore an acceptable resolution with these parties.”