BEAVERTON — After mass shootings took the lives of 22 people in the United States this March, a few Beaverton area residents gathered March 24 to ask for gun safety legislation.

“It is past time to say we must take action immediately to end gun violence,” said Lisa Stiller, a member of Holy Trinity Parish who helped organize the small event. “No more waiting, no more debating. If, as Catholics, we say we oppose all violence, we must say we support efforts to end gun violence.”

The event was put together by the social action group Indivisible Cedar Mill.

“Pro-life means an end to all violence, including gun violence,” said Karyn Servin, an Indivisible Cedar Mill leader. “We do not get to pick and choose which lives.”

Two bills have just past the U.S. House and are now headed to the Senate. Both would tighten background checks. A bill in the Oregon Legislature would delay the sale or transfer of a firearm until a background check has been completed.