October was pro-life month and many Catholics took part in a fall 40 Days for Life campaign outside Lovejoy Surgicenter in Northwest Portland. One of the vigil keepers, Marie Barzen of St. Cecilia Parish in Beaverton, asked one woman headed into the abortion center if she needed help. The woman turned around and asked about adoption.

“This is an extremely rare question for an abortion-minded woman to ask, but just that morning I found an adoption postcard that a local pro-life couple had given us the year before,” Barzen said. “This couple had given us their contact information and their loving desire to adopt a baby with the hope that maybe someday, someone at Lovejoy would change their mind.”

Barzen handed the card to the prospective abortion seeker, who was 20 weeks along. Barzen also had a pamphlet on adoption to offer.

The next week Barzen again saw the woman, who had come back for the abortion. The vigil keepers began intense prayer, asking St. Padre Pio to change the woman’s mind.

Then the woman walked out and announced she could not go through with the abortion. When Barzen said she had prayed for her at Mass, the woman began weeping. She took Barzen’s phone number and said she would call for help, since she is dealing with not only an unplanned pregnancy but a heroin addiction.

The vigil keepers are continuing to pray for her.