Emily May Daniel Faris, 88, died July 10 in Portland of metastatic lung cancer. There was a funeral Mass at Ascension Church in Southeast Portland, where she was a member.

Mrs. Faris was born May 13, 1932, in Los Angeles to Ray and Edyth C. Daniel. She was baptized June 5, 1932, at St. Brigid Church in Los Angeles, wearing the christening gown her mother and brother, Ray Jr., had worn.

The family moved to Monrovia, California, in 1936 and she received her first communion in May 1939. In May 1946, her 8th grade year, she was chosen to crown the statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary during the May procession. Her mother made a long white dress for her from old curtains, and she also wore her mother’s wedding veil.

She attended St. Andrew’s High School in Pasadena, California. In 1950, her father was transferred, and the family moved to Portland. The family had a pet dog named Boots, and later another dog named Danny that would move to Portland with them. She also had a pet duck, Benny, who lived to a ripe old age and eventually became belligerent. Her father gave him to the neighbor’s gardener for his Sunday dinner.

“Boy, did I cry,” Mrs. Faris remembered.

Mrs. Faris moved to Portland a week or two later than her family, as she was visiting friends. She took the train which arrived around 10:30 p.m., and always remembered the reflection of the downtown lights on the Willamette River as the train pulled slowly into the station.

She attended Behnke-Walker Business College in Portland for 18 months, September 1950 to February 1953. Her first full-time job was as secretary-bookkeeper for Air Way Branches, Inc., a vacuum cleaner company in the Fleidner Building downtown. She worked there three years and took a position at Curtis Lumber Co. for a year. She then worked for First National Bank in downtown Portland for five years until she married.

She met George, her husband of 30 years, at Cedarwood Lodge on the McKenzie River in September 1960. It was an arranged dinner so the two could meet. They became engaged in February 1961, and were married on September 30, 1961. Emily and George adopted two children, and settled into life in Southeast Portland. Mr. Faris died in 1992.

She was an active member of Ascension Church in Southeast Portland for 60 years, cherishing her parish family. An active mother, she also participated in her children’s activities as they were growing up.

She started exercise classes in the late 1960s at Montavilla Community Center in Northeast Portland, making many friends over the years through her exercise programs. She would “meet the girls” weekly for coffee after class and monthly for birthday celebrations. She continued her weekly program until the age of 85, when she began attending Zumba classes three days a week at Portland Community College.

Friends and family say they remember Mrs. Faris’ cheerful disposition, sense of humor, and her friendliness.

Mrs. Faris was diagnosed with metastatic lung cancer on June 25, 2020, after struggling with lung issues for more than a year. She was loved by many and will be missed by all who knew her.

She is survived by her children, Thomas Farish and Christine Faris Brinegar; three grandchildren and four great-grandchildren; her brother, Ray; four nieces and many grandnieces and nephews.