Michael Donald Culbertson, 49, a member of St. Peter Parish in Portland, died of cancer May 23 in Gresham. There was a funeral Mass.

Mr. Culbertson was born Jan. 28, 1971, in Bremerton, Washington. He graduated from Marshall High School in 1989 and attended college at the University of Oregon, Portland State University and the Oregon Institute of Technology, where he studied software engineering. Most of his work was in the computer field, including at West Coast Bank. His family describes him as a kind and generous person, easy to talk to (especially about electronics), and both smart and close to his family, caring deeply for his nephews and nieces. His favorite vacation spot was Hawaii. For 20 years traveled with family to Maui each summer.

He is survived by his parents, Sylvia and David; his brothers and sister-in-law, Charles, Joshua and Carolyn; his nephews and nieces, Isaiah, Ava, Elijah, Abram, Clara, Ginger and Jane; and other extended family.