Holy Family Parish staff and volunteers have worked hard to bring Christ´s love to parishioners during these difficult times. 

During Advent, Holy Family crews filled bags with materials to make wreaths and passed them out to parishioners. Parishioners were then able to make Advent wreaths at home to enjoy throughout the season.

As Christmas approached, St. Vincent de Paul food bank volunteers gave boxes to parishioners to fill with food. When they were filled, parishioners helped deliver them. The church also presented a Christmas pageant at the children’s Mass. The kids acted out the gospel passage as it was read by Father Rodel de Mesa, pastor of Holy Family.

For the Lenten season, Holy Family has many things planned. The adults are encouraged to participate in a seven-week Lenten reflection called “The Search.” Younger parishioners will be given “Easter Story Egg Cartons.” A plastic egg should be opened each week and whatever it contains will help tell the story of Easter. 

At the church, the staff will be making a large cross out of rocks. People who feel they are being drawn away from the church can take a jagged rock, symbolizing a jagged relationship with God. Then they are asked to pray and do Gospel reflections throughout Lent. As they draw closer to the church, they can exchange their jagged rock for a smooth one, symbolizing a smoother relationship with God.

Pienovi is a sixth grader at Holy Family School in Southeast Portland.