BEAVERTON — “St. Cecilia School has many technology courses, but my favorite is 3D printing. St. Cecilia’s 3D course allows me to be creative,” said eighth grader Grace Butterly. 

Grace is one of the students who is completely virtual this year during the pandemic, but that hasn’t stopped her from fully participating in her technology class. Sister Diana Oakley, a Sister for Christian Community, leads the technology program at St. Cecilia and has been working closely with Grace throughout the year, continuing to encourage her creative abilities in technology and specifically with 3D technology.

“Sister Diana, my technology teacher, comes up with new projects that make me think outside the box and challenge me to try new things,” Grace said. “She lets me add in my own details and encourages me to make my models even better.”  

St. Cecilia starts to sow the seeds for a love of technology at a young age. Sister Diana works with 4- and 5-year-olds in transitional kindergarten, helping them to learn how to code with BeeBots.  The students get hands-on experiences with technology and coding throughout all grade levels. As the students enter the intermediate grades, they begin to work on 3D design and printing.

“It is always rewarding when I find out my 3D print is successful,” said Grace. “I feel fortunate to have these technology opportunities in middle school as I prepare for high school.” 

St. Cecilia continues to teach students how to use technology as a tool for learning and communication, something even more important than ever right now.