“CYO is excited to announce that we will be offering a new earlier spring sport this year: cross country, which is a sanctioned sport in Oregon,” said Sister of St. Mary of Oregon Krista von Borstel, executive director.

Catholic Youth Organization is currently registering its clubs for a winter/spring cross country season that will run February through March, including four Saturday meets. Teams are being formed at the school clubs.

The season consists of four Saturday invitational cross country meets: Feb. 27, March 6, March 13, and March 27.

Cost is $150 per athlete, with scholarships available. Email scholarships@cyocamphoward.org.

CYO plans to pivot into track and field later than normal for spring sports but Sister Krista said the group intends to offer track as the state moves toward opening and track and field is permitted.

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Details for practices

— Guidelines will be provided (in accordance with State health recommendations)

— Pod size: minimum of 1 coach per 10 athletes

— No situations with single coach alone with athletes

— COVID protocol to be provided: pre-practice online forms, masks, social distancing, etc.

— Each club will determine additional sites needed for practice

— Practices do not have to be limited to school property

— Practices may begin Feb. 1


Competition details

— Meets are run by Stumptown Youth XC.

— Second and fourth meet will be held at Camp Howard, first and third meets will be at Jesuit High School.

— No CYO parent volunteers are required for the meets.

— All four meets will offer 1,500m distance for 3rd and 4th grades; with an option of 1,500m or 3,000m for grades 5th to 8th.

— The two meets at Jesuit HS will also offer 400m & 800m track races.

— Athletes will race in pods of 10. Each pod will be assigned a race time slot prior to each meet.

— Meet attendance will be limited to one adult per athlete due to COVID restrictions. Guidelines will be provided (in accordance with state health recommendations)