With an array of technology and teachers’ creativity, Cathedral School in Northwest Portland began digital learning Sept. 14. 

Teachers are presenting daily live instruction using the Zoom platform and Swivl robots at Cathedral school. Swivl follows instructors automatically and allows teachers to move around while staying on camera. Teachers also can record the content.  

All students from kindergarten through eighth grade will be taught synchronously (live and scheduled) beginning at 8 a.m. five days a week. 

Once the school is able to open, students who opt to learn at home can interact with their peers online via hybrid-learning classroom audio options.

“In addition to daily instruction, it is very important to us to continue our mission and Catholic identity,” said school administrators. Zoom will be used for morning prayer and weekly prayer services, and Msgr. Patrick Brennan, pastor of the Cathedral, will continue his classroom visits as well as monthly Masses for students and parents.